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transfer my O2

Hi team, I am still waiting to have my number transfer. Why does this take so long?


Lösung von o2_Tobias 27 December 2019, 15:17

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It takes a little more than a week.

I have been waiting for longer than that. Called, and even sent a letter !

Hey @Lancelot97,

welcome to the o2 Community :)

Is your question about postpaid or prepaid? To you want to export or import your number from o2?



Prepaid phone exporting to another operator.  

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@Lancelot97 did you have minimum 24,95 Euro on your o2 prepaid? This the fee for export your number to the other provider.

No, over the phone I was informed that the account had to be in cero. Also they requested to know, who was going to be my new service provider and the reason for leaving O2.

Hi I have been trying to transfer my number for over 3 weeks. I have just transferred  money to the account as I was informed over the phone that the account had to be in cero in order to proceed with the transfer. Could you please please please transfer my phone !

Hi @Lancelot97,


thanks for your message.


I just checked your data of your prepaid-card.


Your prepaid-number is ready for porting already since 19th November 2019. Please be aware of the fact that we cannot do the transfer of your number to another provider by our own. 


Please contact now your new provider in order to start the porting of your number. As @Joe Doe already told you, we need the amount of 24,95 € on your card.


If you still have an amount left over on your card after the porting, you can order the transfer of the still existing amount to your bank account. Please use this document for that: http://g.o2.de/pre-auszahlung


I hope I could help you with this information.


Loving greetings,




Hi @Lancelot97,


was the information I gave you helpful for you?


If yes, please mark my answer as solution.


If you still have any further questions, please feel free to contact us here in our English community.


Loving greetings,


Hi @Lancelot97,


I just released your prepaid-number again, as I see that you have not yet contacted your new provider in order to ask for the transfer of your number.


If you still have any questions, just feel free to contact our English community.


Loving greetings,




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