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Problem with SIM Verwaltung / O2 App / Website Portal Erros

Dear O2 team


After a lot of frustrating phone calls and visits to O2 shop without any resolution, I am now trying my luck to find a solution here.


I use MultiSIM and eSIM service from O2. I used it in multiple devices. I noticed a couple of months ago that all the eSIM cards that I had installed on my devices were working fine, but on the O2 App and Website, I always see that the eSIM cards are not installed and are ready for installation. I kept ignoring this error, but now when I tried to switch my eSIM to a new phone, I realised that it was a big issue as my entire SIM Verwaltung option had stopped working.

I can no longer see the details of my SIM cards, activate them, order eSIM profile, change the name of the SIM card. All these services are blocked and I simply get an error.

The error screenshot can be seen below.



On the O2 App, the error message is different depending on where I open the app. On Android App, I see the following status which shows that none of the eSIM cards that I have in use are installed, but all of them are active. This is weird because I am still using these eSIM cards so I do not know how they are shown as ‘Not Installed’ on the O2 page.

Could someone help me here tpo resolve this problem.


Best regards


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Dear @ankitsood ,

welcome to our community.🌝

An eSIM that has already been used cannot be transferred to a new device. A new eSIM must always be ordered for this purpose. Have you ordered new eSIMs?
I see that there is already a technical ticket for this and that it is still being processed.

Kind regards,



Hi Andrea,

Thanks for your feedback. (Unfortunately) You are probably the 20th O2 team member telling me this fact but it does not help. The tickets are open since nearly 1 month now but zero progress has been made. :(

Yes, I would love to order a New eSIM card but for that to work I need to be able to access the SIM Verwaltung / Manage my SIM Cards option on the MyO2 Portal. When you look at the screenshots above, please tell me how I should order a new eSIM / normal SIM card? Moreover, if all my SIM Cards are shown as Inactive / Not Installed, I cannot order a new one as I cannot get rid of the error messages. I have SIM cards working but are still shown as inactive and vice-versa. I am not sure if O2 team understands this fact!!

The problem becomes even more complicated because what your tehcnical team sees in your backend systems does not match the real status / the status that I see on MeinO2 Portal / O2 App.

Someone from O2 needs to understand the problem and needs to contact me to get to know it better, than giving generic responses and having Open Tickets which are continuously being closed without any update being provided to me.

Finally last week one of your technical colleagues from O2 Hotline replaced all my eSIM cards and sent me new Plastic Cards with the hope that the we can start afresh with the plastic cards, activate them so that the existing eSIM cards are overwritten to map them to my profile, and later to convert them to eSIM cards. But, since I received the Plastic Cards, I cannot even activate them because I keep getting an Error at the end of the process. I called O2 hotline and even your colleageus are unable to activate these new Plastic Cards. The lack of ability of O2’s technical team to solve this issue is simply baffling and absolutely frustrating for me as a customer asssociated with O2 for over 10 years. :(
So, once again, I would kindly request someone from O2’s Technical Team to please reach out to me to clarify this topic in more detail rather than wasting my and O2 teams’ time with generic statements. If the problem was as simple as ordering a new eSIM card, it would have been already solved.

Hope someone will look into this topic on more serious basis. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for a resolution now asap. 🙏🏽


Best regards,

Hey @ankitsood 
I'm sorry you're having to deal with such major SIM card limitations. I just took a look at your dataset. Apparently the department would like to contact you by phone, at least there is a note to that effect. Please be patient a little longer. 


Dear @o2_Andrea @o2_Flo 

So nearly 2 weeks since your last response and over 2 months since I first reported the problem, there is 0% progress on the issue. No one has contacted me yet, the same problem still exists and it seems no one in o2 either understands or maybe no one wishes to touch this issue.

As a Customer for last 11+ years, I am really very disappointed with the level of support I am getting in resolving the issues I am facing.

I have no idea where I should go with my problem and who should I ask for support. If I call the o2 hotline, they ask me to go to the o2 shop, if I go to the o2 shop, they divert me back to the o2 hotline. It is unbelievable to see how unprofessionally a serious technical concern is being handled by o2’s technical team. 

Any rough estimate of the time duration for which I must continue to stay patient and expect some feedback?




Hey @ankitsood,

I am very sorry that our service has not been able to provide you with a solution yet. I would like to sincerely apologize for this. I have now taken a look at your data record and could not find any errors regarding the eSIM cards. Is that correct? 

I have opened a new ticket so that your concern regarding the display in "My o2" is looked at again. Unfortunately, we have to be patient here again. 


Dear @o2_Flo 

I decided to give your team time and waited now nearly 1 month since your message mentioned above. Zero change in situation, nobody from O2 team has bothered to contact me until today (i.e. after over 4-5 months since I raised this issue for the first time to O2 helpdesk). So when I read that there is an Open Ticket I keep wondering about the relevance of these tickets.


Current screenshot of my O2 page should be enough to answer your question whether there are still any errors or not:



I am not entirely sure why it is so difficult for O2 team to assess this problem and to fix it.

Hopelessly frustrated and disappointed with the lack of support.


Still waiting for a feedback, however not very patiently anymore!!




Hey @ankitsood,

I'm sorry that nothing has happened in your case at first glance. I can assure you that the ticket has arrived at the correct address. Unfortunately, I can't say how serious or complicated the technical challenge is. Apparently there are problems with the SIM card identifier. 

I can only ask for your patience once again. I will try to find out some more information elsewhere. 


Hi @o2_Flo 

I was happy to read that there were finally a few technical terms included in your last message (SIM Identifier, etc.) which finally started making some sense and raised my hopes. But since your last message, once again, unfortunately nothing positive has happened. 

You can see the current screenshot from my App showing that 3 SIM cards continue to be identified as ready for Installation/Activation even though they are all already installed and functioning in my devices as I am typing this post.


This means, in case I need to install my eSIM profile to another new device, I cant do it. I am simply stuck!!!

So on a very serious note, can you or someone else give me a reliable timeline on how much longer it is necessary to fix this issue? It has been 2 months since your last message. How much longer can it seriously take? I am now wondering if there is even an open ticket for my issue (as I have zero information of where my case is and at what stage. I dont even have an Issue / Ticket number to track or cite my case if I needed to). I am thrown in a pit by O2 blind and oblivious to whether my problems are even being looked into. It is really a disgusting situation to be in as a customer. I would appreciate if someone at least would reach out to me to discuss/understand my concern.

Honestly speaking, it is pathetic to see the level of seriousness and support I am getting after being a customer for over 12 years. If nothing changes, I am afraid I will have no choice left but to terminate my contract purely due to the low level of technical assistance I have received from the O2 team in solving this issue over the last months.




@o2_Andrea @o2_Flo 

Can I expect someone to respond or...?

Hey @ankitsood,

I'm really sorry. I can only apologise to you openly and honestly at this point. I can reopen the tickets (which I have done in this case). I hope that your case can now be processed. 

Our new app is currently also available in the Android and iOS stores. Have you already tried an update? This may solve the problem.

Best regards,

Hi @o2_Flo 

Thanks for the response.

I know about the new app. I already tried with some optimism but unfortunately there is no change. I still get errors while trying to request for new eSIM profiles. Moreover the app seems to have its own glitches and doesn't work more often than it works.

I had tried to call the O2 Hotline again and I was told by one of your support representatives that this is not a new topic and many customers are facing the same issues. He advised that a full reset of the SIM data by the IT team is necessary to fix this issue.

Since no one has bothered to contact me yet, I don't know how to follow-up the issue except writing here on the forum or calling O2 Hotline (which starts the process everytime from the beginning).

I am completely lost as I am not even able to use the services that I am paying for every month. This is annoying and disappointing to say the least.

Still hoping and waiting for some positive update on this issue.


Best regards


Hey @ankitsood,

I'm really sorry. Firstly, that communication is not going so well and that the actual problem is not being solved.
I have now contacted another specialist department and hope that they will be able to resolve your issue. 




Is there any progress from your expert? Can I even expect to resolve this issue?

It is getting extremely frustrating to see that no one knows what to do here. It can't be true.

Can you please provide me with a realistic timeline?



Hey @ankitsood,

I'm sorry that this has taken so long. 
There's been a lot of movement in your account now. What's the current situation? Is there any improvement?


Hi @o2_Flo 

Sorry for delayed response. I didn't notice that you had replied here.

Unfortunately there is 0% change in the status of my problems. Still the same issues. No one from O2 has bothered to contact me. It is simply pathetic! 

Hey @ankitsood,

I am sorry that the error has still not been addressed correctly. Unfortunately, my resources here are also somewhat limited. I'll get back to you as soon as I receive feedback! 


Hello @o2_Flo 


Could someone from O2 inform me what the meaning of "Soon" really is for O2 Germany? After 8 months of waiting, I am stunned to say the least. The incompetency of the Technical Team at O2 is mind boggling for me. 


Should I even expect this problem to be resolved and will someone ever bother to follow-up this issue or....does no one really gives a...??

Hello @ankitsood ,

you are already using three multicards within your contract. That is the maximum alloted number, you cannot order anymore at that point. This isn’t some kind of technical issue with our systems, that’s a limitation of the contract that you are using.


Kind regards, Sven


Good to hear from you. So it seems that now I have to start from zero to explain the issue to you.  Let me try to be as politically correct as possible.

First of all, with all due respect, your statement has no relevance to the issue I am facing. You probably do not even understand the issue. I am not contesting the fact that I can use only 3 multicards (I never requested to use a 4th one). But the fact that I am unable to transfer one of these Multicards to a new phone, is the root problem. I can't order a replacement multicard and if I somehow manage to order one, I am unable to activate them because the O2 Homepage / O2 app does not even show me the option to take any action. And your colleagues have no way to overcome this. Do you understand the problem now? If still not, then please contact your colleague @o2_Flo

Furthermore, a kind advice. To avoid wasting your and my time, I request you to please read the entire chain of comments above before making any smart comments. And moreover, think about the fact that you are jumping into this topic 9 months after I first raised this issue, your colleagues keep telling me that there is an Open ticket, that it is a backend IT issue and you are making a random statement to derail the entire topic. So I am just wondering which person is actually right or even aware of what they are saying?

I feel like I am going around in circles with technical experts who hardly have the understanding of technical problems at O2. This is shocking to say the least. 

I request you to please take a customer's grievance seriously and to kindly do your homework properly beforehand and then let me know what you think about this issue after due investigation. And if possible, please instruct someone in your tech team to contact me to at least discuss this issue.

The problem is still persistant and I need to change my phone on the coming days so I hope someone will help me to fix this issue so that I will be able to transfer the eSIM multicard from the old phone to a new one. 

I am sorry if I sound harsh. But please understand that the problem is pending since 9months, and I trust you will feel the same if you were in my shoes. 




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