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order canceled by O2

I ordered an iPhone 14 pro max and my order got cancelled by O2 and they said that if any payment was  made they will return my money back. the ordered has been cancelled since 18.01.2023 and I still have not received my money back. Who should I contact to receive my money back or is any procedure that I should I follow?




Lösung von witti 3 February 2023, 10:08

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Hello @Klajdi,

you get you Money back in 6 - 10 Week.

O2 is with that very slow.

Sorry for that answer, but this is the truth.

Best Wishes 


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Hey @Klajdi,
thanks for your question. As witti wrote,
the repayment of your phone may take a while.
Please check in with us (the least in 2 weeks) if your money has not been refunded by then.
Greetings, Matea

Hello Matea

Not only my money has not been given back but I have also been charged for 2 month straight from O2. they charged me in February and in March too! they were the ones who canceled the order because the DHL driver said that did not find anyone home (which is not true because I do not work and I am home all the day) and now I also get charged for a contract which I am not using and O2 themselves canceled. I do not have the phone and I do not have the sim card. please tell me what details you need to cancel this CONTRACT! This is unacceptable!

Hello @Klajdi ,

I looked at your data and only the contract was cancelled as this delivery ended up being returned to us. You are being charged for the iPhone that you also ordered and which according to the DHL information that we have, was delivered and received by you.


Kind regards, Sven

hello Sven

yes the delivery was canceled and therefore I have not received the iphone and neither the sim card. why would I be writing here to you coimplaining if I had the iphone this is no sense. 


Hello @Klajdi ,

from what I can see you’ve already had contact to the customer service earlier today, they forwarded your issue to the logistics department. You’ll be receiving a number of documents from them, please read these carefully and then fill them out and return them back to us.


Kind regards, Sven

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