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Number porting

Number porting
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One of the most frequent questions that will certainly come up from time to time, also from many English-speaking customers, relates to the transfer of telephone numbers.

Therefore, I would like to take up this particular topic in order to provide a valid explanation also in English. This is mainly because the process has changed a little in the past. It has become easier for customers to submit a porting declaration in order to release their own number.


But let's start from the beginning...

In the beginning there was... Yes, what was there exactly? The earth was still a rather inhospitable place back then. Oh - you don't want me to go back that far, do you? Oops. Okay, let's fast-forward a bit.

Civilisation. Telephony. Mobile telephony. Contracts. Various providers. Everything already exists. And then there is the following question that worries many owners of a mobile phone contract:

How can I keep my current phone number when I switch to another provider?


In general, there are two possibilities:

  • the number transfer before the end of the contract and
  • the number transfer at the end of the contract.

In the case of number porting before the end of the contract, customers must have their number released by their current provider, as it is ported out of the current contract. In the past, it was necessary to contact the customer service to set the so-called opt-in so that the telephone number is released. The innovation here is that customers no longer have to contact customer care for this. Instead, customers can now do this themselves online under their Mein o2 account. You can find an overview of everything you can do yourself under Mein o2 here: Mein o2 FAQ in English.


For porting, you only need to go to the menu item "Tarif & SIM-Karte" and then to the tab "Vertrag verwalten". There you will find "o2 Rufnummer zu einem anderen Anbieter mitnehmen”. This link will take you directly to the relevant menu item in Mein o2: Click here.

There you can directly release your phone number for porting. The process will then be confirmed and you can apply to transfer your number to another provider. Once the porting is completed, you will be assigned a new number until the end of the contract. Porting does not end the normal contract period!


The other variant refers to the number porting after the end of the contract. You do not have to have your phone number specially released for this, as phone numbers are automatically released after the end of the contract. What you have to do is apply to a provider to have your number ported at the end of your contract. The order is then passed on to the other provider and carried out after the end of the contract. This often means that the contract will be continued for a few days until the number is ported. So don't be surprised - if you have cancelled your contract properly and in due time, you will still continue to be supplied. This is all correct, as it is a legal regulation!
As soon as your number has been ported, your contract will be terminated.



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Latest Update: 05/2021

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Neu partnerkarte die Nr ist ###


Edit: Rufnummer entfernt - o2_Kurt


how to port / take the o2 landline (Festnetznummer)  number to the another service provider?


The above link generally works with porting your o2 mobile number



Hello @fury_11 and welcome to our o2 Community 🙂

In the case of landline connections, the number is always taken with you when you order a new connection. If you change provider, the connection is transferred together with the phone number. In this case, the new provider cancels the contract with the old provider.

Do you want to take a number to or from us?

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Best regards


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sehr empfehlenswert 

I bought phone from samsung with O2 and with the phone number i wana port my phone number with O2 does i have wait till i got my sim.card or i have to do something else?

Hello @The dashboard , 

welcome to our community! 💐

You want to port your number from your previous provider to us?

In that case you can order the number porting via Mein o2 after your sim card arrived and you acitivated it. 

It is important that your prevoius provider release your number. This is possible with a porting statement. 

If you have further questions just ask. 😊


Best regards, 



Sehr sympathisch hat mir direkt weitergeholfen und es hat sich alles geklärt 

This is no longer valid as o2 does not allow porting out via web/app ( option is removed as of today)



Hello @yogitthakral,

the phone number release is only temporarily not possible online. We are already looking for ways to make the porting declaration available again in self-care.

Until then, it is unfortunately necessary to contact customer service by telephone. This is also possible with our English-speaking hotline.

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Best regards


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