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I need a email of service client

Where I can find a email of this company that I can use for speak my problem PRIVATELY without having to be venting of the bill here in public. Thanks. ''I CAN'T USE THE ONLINE ASSISTANCE BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF THE LANGUAGE.''


Lösung von o2_Jan 1 February 2020, 15:22

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Hallo Adrian 

there is no E-Mail Support.

But you can use WhatsApp Ort Chat to communicat in privat. 
Or waiting For an O2 Moderator to Write in privacy. 
BW Witti

Hi @Adrian.L,

welcome to the o2 community!

As @witti suggested, you are welcome to use our whatsapp service to ask about your contract in case you don’t feel comfortable doing so in the forum.

You can also send a private message to our @o2_Support account and describe what you would like to discuss.

Best regards,

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