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How to extend your contract

  • 17 February 2016
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How to extend your contract
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When exactly can a contract be renewed?


If your contract has a regular duration term of 24 months you can get a new offer already after 6 months (18 months remaining term). Those contract extensions are called preponed contract extensions. But keep in mind: if you want to extend your contract already after a runtime of 6 months and change to another contract/ tariff you will not be able to have a downgrade of your contract (e.g. from M down to S). You’ll only be able to have an upgrade (from M up to L). A downgrade of your tariff you can also have at the earliest of 12 months remaining term or at the end of your regular runtime, of course.

Points to keep in mind:

  • renewal/ extension of your contract at the earliest: after 6 months, 18 months remaining
  • early extension: no downgrade
  • regular extension after 12 months and more: downgrade is possible

If you’re missing the latest date for a proper notice of termination you’re contract will be renewed by itself for further 1 month. Notice: your contract will always be renewed again for 1 further month if you’re not cancelling it properly! If your contract got extended passively for 1 month, you’ll loose your discounts and will have to pay the normal basic fee of the tariff. That’s because the discounts are usually offered for a contract duration of 24 months. 

It’s different for Flex tariffs which have a contract duration of 1 month and are always renewed every month. Those you can cancel anytime and they’ll be terminated the month after. 


Extending your contract online




When can I extend my contract?

Contracts with a minimum term of 24 months can be extended as standard from 8 months before their expiry - i.e. from the 17th month. If you have the option of extending your contract early, you will see this in the tariff details in your My O2. If you are not yet able to extend your contract, you will be informed when you can do so.

When can I change to another tariff?

You can request a tariff change in My o2 at any time when you renew your contract - even from one day to the next. You want to change your tariff without renewing your contract? That's possible too. You can find out all the details about this offer from our customer service. Just post a question in our community!

Who can I contact if there are any discrepancies?

Your contract conditions do not match the offer you have chosen? If you concluded the contract online or by phone, please contact our customer service. We will then look for a solution together. Please note the 14-day cancellation period. After the cancellation period has expired, it may be more complicated to change your contract, so please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about extending your contract in the O2 Shop, please contact the colleagues directly in the shop where you ordered the extension.

What happens if I do not renew the contract?

If you do not renew your contract and do not cancel it, it will be extended indefinitely and can be cancelled at any time with 1 month's notice.

Please note: In the case of automatic contract renewal, all special conditions will no longer apply. Therefore, please contact our customer service to find the right tariff model for you.

At what time does my contract term begin in the event of a renewal?

The new contract term of 24 months begins on the day of the contract extension. Regardless of the elapsed term of the previous contract, the remaining term does not apply.

You will receive a confirmation of the contract extension with the details of the new contract term on the respective phone number by SMS.

You can also view your new contract term at any time in My O2 and in the My O2 app.

When does the tariff change take place and when do I have to pay the new price?

The tariff change usually takes place overnight, but in any case within 48 hours. You will be informed about the tariff change by SMS. Your new tariff will be charged from the time of the tariff change. You will no longer be charged for your old tariff after the tariff change.

When will my contract be switched?

The time for switching to your new tariff depends on when you want it:

  •  An immediate tariff change is possible on the next day.
  • Alternatively, you can change your tariff at the beginning of your next billing period. You can see your billing history on your bill and the remaining days of your current billing month are displayed in the consumption overview.

What are the fees associated with the renewal?

You will find an overview of all fees relevant to you in your product summary on the last page in the "My product" step before submitting the contract extension.

Will I be sent a new SIM card?

As a rule, you will not be sent a new SIM card when you renew your contract.

In some cases, it may be necessary to send you a new SIM card. If this applies to you, you will be informed of this in your product summary on the last page in the "My product" step before you submit the contract extension.



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