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Hello!! I am student here and I opt for the sim only contract from the shop and the shopkeeper didn’t inform me about the contract term which is now of 24 months. After few days I received a call from O2 and they offer me a new plan of 16 euros and they told me like they are giving me discount on my previous plan which is of 20euros per month. But after few days they have send me a new sim card by post and even though I didn’t signed any contract online, they started my plan on their own and I was unaware about it and how things works here. Now the plan is also of 24 months and I got scammed ending up paying approx 40 euros every month which is a very big amount for a student. Its a very ridiculous thing and my question is like what will I do with the two sim cards. I am only a student here who is new to germany and is unaware about how these contracts works here.Even now the second sim card is not activated and I don’t understand what should I do with that.

09.11.2023 08:53 o2_Katja: verschoben aus Mobilfunkrechnung


Lösung von Vilureef 8 November 2023, 18:06

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Hello @Mb012,

Cancel the telephone contract to: widerruf@cc.o2online.de 

Best regards

Hello @Mb012

sorry for the late response and the unfortunate course of events

Now that some time has passed, have you already followed Vilureef's advice? If so, did everything work out with the cancellation?

Please bring us up to date.

Best regards


I have contacted the customer sevice several times and every time I got a different response. Latest was that I have filled a form for contract termination but I am still waiting for their response and its been 3 months since I am paying 38 euros every month for not even using my second Sim Card. Still waiting and don’t know how long I have to wait to come out of this shit. Hope something good happen soon…..

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What was the form you filled in?

Its on the o2 website only termed as termination form .

Hello @Mb012,

I'm sorry that ou customer support haven't been able to help you with your concerns about the additional contract yet.

I will check what options we have here and let you know as soon as I receive feedback.

Best regards


Hello @Mb012,

I have sent you a private message, you will find it in your personal inbox.

Best regards


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