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Call number transfer o2 Prepaid

Call number transfer o2 Prepaid
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The basis for this English FAQ is the German article by our community expert @Sandroschubert.

You want to take the number with you to o2 or arrange for the number to be ported to another provider? Here is a brief explanation of how this can currently be done for prepaid customers.


Transferring your phone number to o2

You can order the number transfer directly in Mein o2.

  1.     You register with your prepaid number in My o2.
  2.     You start the porting process directly in your customer portal: Order number porting to o2

Note: If you want to port the number from a current contract or prepaid card, please contact your old provider and ask them to release the number (opt-in). If you want to port your number at the end of your current contract, no opt-in is necessary.

  1. You enter the number to be ported, in the following screen you select the provider, the desired date of change (immediately or at the end of the contract) and check whether the first name/last name and the date of birth match. If this is not the case, change it as it is stored with the old provider. On the following working day, you will receive a confirmation of when the porting of your number will take place.

As a small bonus from o2, 25 euros are given when a number is imported. This will be credited on the porting day (as of 05/2021).


Number transfer to another provider

The number must be released first of all. This can be done on the hotline, in the chat and also via the Mein o2 app. The porting is free of charge.*

  1. Download the Mein o2 app and log in or register.
  2. Choose: Tarif & Optionen -> Rufnummernmitnahme –> Rufnummer jetzt freigeben. On the next page, you will see the data that must be entered for the new provider**. The approval is confirmed by SMS and is valid for 30 days.


*Top-up options with o2 Prepaid (German language only) (porting within the Telefónica Group is free of charge).

 Tip: If you still have a credit on the card, the rest can be paid out. This can be done using the Prepaid credit payment form (German language).

** If the new provider does not accept different data, a change of ownership is necessary. Please use the form Prepaid change of owner (German language).


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If you have further question or any comment about this topic and process you can visit our English o2 community and write a question! 


Last update: 12/2021

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