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Configuring a Fritz!Box for o2 DSL and change the system language to English, Spanish etc.

Configuring a Fritz!Box for o2 DSL and change the system language to English, Spanish etc.
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This small tutorial is intended to help international customers to successfully configure a Fritz!Box for usage with an o2 (V)DSL connection.

Important NOTE! Since firmware version 7.20 the system language of a German Fritz!Box can be set to the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Polish.

Unfortunately changing the system language is only possible after the initial setup with the setup asssistent in German language is finished.

Let’s start now.

First connect the Fritz!Box to the TAE socket using the grey DSL cable. Then power up the Fritz!Box with the included power supply. Now you can connect to the Fritz!Box via LAN cable or WiFi (WPA2 password is located on the bottom of the router). This is done via browser over the link .


Start screen Fritz!Box. Here you enter the Fritz!Box Kennwort.


Here you can confirm that you want to send diagnostic data to AVM. Continue (OK)


Continue (weiter)


Choose o2 as DSL provider and continue (weiter)


Select o2 DSL and continue (weiter)


Enter your DSL username and password. (from the email pdf “Willkommen bei o2” or letter post)


Continue (weiter)


Your DSL connection was set up correctly. Continue (Schritt abschließen)


Your landline is automatically set up in the Fritz!Box via TR-069 configuration. Continue (Schritt abschließen)


On this screen you can setup your own Wifi SSID or password now (WLAN Einstellungen ändern). After this continue (Schritt abschließen)


Here can you setup if you want status information from your Fritz!Box. Continue (Schritt abschließen)


Here you get infomation if your Fritz!Box has the lastest firmware. Update if wanted or needed and continue (Schritt abschließen)


Setup configuration is done. Now you can switch the language of the Fritz!Box. Choose your language and continue (übernehmen)


Example English

Last Update: 07/2020

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