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Setting up a public IP to remove double NAT on homespot

Hello, I was informed on twitter by the o2 help page that I should post here and ask for a public IP to be set up on my 4g homespot in hope that this will resolve the double NAT problem. Hope you can help, this is the last step I want to try before cancelling as it is currently completely unusable.


Lösung von o2_Tobias 23 June 2020, 13:40

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If this is a problem of O2 and you gave them enough time “Frist” to fix these issues. Yet, you may again formally state your in detail your issues clearly depict you want those solved (should be solved within three weeks time state a clear date) plus revoke the IBAN Mandate. If O2 still charges your bank account via “Lastschrift” after you revoked the mandate you already have a right to extraordinarily terminate your contract. Further, if they do not fix your issues within your deadline you also have a right to extraordinarily cease the contract. You might have to stay persistent

Thanks for your comment. I finally found an o2 representative who actually understood my problem via facebook messaging, and he has helped me write a letter in German to explain that they are missing my point/problem and that I want an immediate cancellation. If yet again they send me a generic template response saying the signal in my area is fine again, then I will do what you have stated and revoke the IBAN Mandate. 

It has been 6 months now so I think that’s long enough for them to have fixed a problem that stops me working using their bad service.


I would like to use my ddns, on my 4g router, but it says “invalid IP address”, a few google time later I figured out i need the public IP address too. How is this works? As I read, I need to pay one time fee. How can I activate this? How can I Pay it? etc.

Thank you Patrik

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Dear @bres ,

welcome to our community. 🌞

Yes, you can order a public iP-address for for a one-off fee of 49,99 euros.

If you agree with the price, then we can activate it for you. After that you have to change the APN to "netpublic" and then it should work.

Kind regards,


Thank you for your fast answer. 🙂 Before I would like to change this, how/where can I get those information for example: 

APN Service(optional)    
Dial Number    

Thank you, Patrik 🙂

Hello @bres ,

you only need to change the APN itself, the rest can remain unchanged for the public IP to work.


Kind regards, Sven

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