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router not received

So long story short 14/10/2019 I applied for the internet service. Got the date of the technician arrival at 5/11/2019 , which by the chance is today. They came, set up the connection but guess what, I have no router. 

O2 is sending me all kind of sms and emails that this is activated and that is activated  and have fun and all that, I don't know how are they unaware that not a single router is sent to me. 

I can't speak german to fix this thing by phone so by chance can someone help me here ? Am I gonna receive a router someday ? Is there any action I should take ? 

I visited two of your shops today, making it clear to the ladies there that I couldn't speak german and can they help me with this, they just arrogantly gave me some phone numbers to call which I did but couldn't reach the point of talking to a real person.

I hope someone reads this cause it feels like im throwing a message inside a bottle in the middle of the sea.


Lösung von schluej 6 November 2019, 14:46

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@o2_DSL was macht der Routerversand.

Moin Moin @Nixola O2 has some problem to send out the router.

I don’t know if it is still alive.

We have to wait for @o2_DSL 

That's crazy bro, can't believe I paid for this shitty service. I had better services in third world countries I swear. @schluej 

This happened to a friend of mine who had also signed for a new contract. The router arrived a day later to the connection date. Hopefully, you’ll get yours today. 

The Router should leave shortly, after the line has activated. So your weekend should save ;)

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