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contract cancellation

  • 19 February 2024
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I am no longer in Germany. So my visa has already expired now. I flew to another country (my home country) several months ago. I didn't get the chance to cancel my ' registration ' in Germany. Because it was an urgent decision to go back. As of right now I only have my passport that has entry stamp. If there should be  more of a proof that im not in Germany. I could take a ' residency document ' from the city that I 'm living in. 

The biggest problem is that I have never used the tariff since November 2023. And I have been trying every other way to cancel it online but website of O2 always says 'The form could not be sent. Please try again later.' on the  https://info.o2online.de/kuendigung/  website. Please help me to resolve this problem

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Hello and welcome to the community @ssg789. 💙

In your case it would be an extraordinary termination.

I'll link you to a document here that contains all the information we need from you so that your contract can be terminated.

Please send all required documents to the address stated in the document

Contract cancellation moving abroad

Best regards


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