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Contract Cancelation

  • 4 August 2022
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Good morning


The experience with Telefonica is awful. I made a subscription and in the first month, due to costs that they considered to be high, they stopped the services. I couldn’t pay because their stupid system won’t issue the invoice before the settled date (STUPID). Then wen I had the invoice, I paid it and also their STUPID system charged my bank account again. 

The app works only on German phones (shocking). The hotline is full of //entfernt people who are clueless. Nobody can help you with any news. 

How shall I proceed if I want an early contract termination? 


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Hi @VictorCarja ,


I’m sory to hear that the security measures seem to have caused some trouble. Regarding the early cancellation: If the sole reason for the cancellation is the mentioned experience, I see no way that your cancellation request will be granted, I’m afraid. That said, you can of course certainly try by writing a cancellation and stating your reasons, the cancellation department will then take thorough look and let you know the decision.
I`ve deleted a portion of your Sentence (see the marked spot), since the assumed origin of the mentioned co-workers of mine does not matter and leads only towards generalization.

Best regards,


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