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I would like to cancel order but I have emailed several times and still haven’t got the reply. How can I do???


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Hello @kateds,

if you haven’t accepted the offer yet, you don’t have to cancel as the order will be deleted automatically after eight days.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards


Hello. I mistakenly ordered a new sim. It says within 2-3 working days it will be delivered. How can I cancel it? Please help me. 

Hello. I mistakenly ordered a new sim. It says within 2-3 working days it will be delivered. How can I cancel it? Please help me.

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Hi @newbieeehier ,
thanks for joining our coomunity and sharing your request. 💙
What kind of sim card do you have ordered? Was the idea to replace or expanding an existing sim card, or was it for a completely new contract? 

kindly regards 

I have ordered a sim card for a completely new contract. I mistakenly order it. How can I cancel it? 

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@newbieeehier thanks for your answer 😊

When and where have you ordered the contract? 
Have you received a confirmation for your order? 

kindly regards


Last March 24, 2023 and in the O2 website.

Yes I have received an email from O2.

This is the email they sent me:

  Lieber o2 Kunde,

vielen Dank für Deine Bestellung. Deine neue o2 Prepaid SIM-Karte erhältst Du innerhalb von 2 bis 3 Werktagen.

Freundliche Grüße
Dein o2 Team

Hi. I have already received my new sim that I accidentally ordered. If I don't top up or I don't use this sim, I don't have to pay this anymore? Or do I still have to pay even if I don't use it because it has already been delivered to me?

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Hey @newbieeehier ,
a written cancellation is not imperatively required for prepaid sim-cards..
As long as you don’t use the card, no activation, no top up etc. the card will deactivates itself  after a certain time.
Best, Matea

Hi, This 14 days revocation is also applied on the Home Internet orders (LTE / 5G), if they are ordered online..?


Actually, I am afraid, If I do the contract and the speed is not as promised then I will be stuck with the contract. I already wasted a lot of money with other services like Freenet. They mentioned 100 Mbps but it just gives 8 Mbps which is not compromise-able. 

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Dear @MudasirSharif ,

welcome to our community. 💐

A 14-day right of cancellation also applies to a Home contract. However, this starts when you receive the welcome letter and has usually already expired when the contract is activated after three weeks (fixed network). However, you can also use a monthly cancellation option if you are not sure. What exactly do you want to order DSL, cable or do you want to order a Home LTE? With the former, you should normally receive the specified service, otherwise you will be informed in the welcome letter and you can cancel directly if it doesn't suit you. Only with the Home LTE tariffs is it difficult, as these do not guarantee the speed and you are dependent on all the other users in the mobile phone cell. It is possible that only a small amount of power will arrive. 😕

Kind regards,


Hi Andrea, 


Thanks for your detailed response. 


Actually, I want to order an LTE Home Internet Tariff which is 100 Mbps with the router. But I am not sure If I will get the enough speed. If I am getting 40-50 Mbps out of 100 Mbps, then its fine with me and I will continue with the contract. But If I will get just 15-20 Mbps out of 100 Mbps then It will be problem for me. And I do not want to be stuck in the 2 years contract with this speed becasue Its not going to help me out in my office work. 


What you suggest in this situation, should I order the LTE Home Tariff and will I be able to cancel it within 14 days.?




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Hello @MudasirSharif ,

as long as you order the contract online or by phone you can withdraw from the contract within the 14 day period. If you don’t have a mobile contract yet you can also use the Testkarte to check how the net would be at your address.


Kind regards, Sven

Hello, I mistakenly ordered an Iphone 14 pro. Could you please help me yo withdraw and cancel it.


Thanks a lot





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Hey @Nima kian888,

When did you order the Iphone? You must withdraw the myHandy contract. Please have a look at our FAQ: Revoke or cancel a mobile phone contract


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