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Revoke or cancel a mobile phone contract

Revoke or cancel a mobile phone contract
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When a new mobile phone contract is concluded, it has different rules regarding cancellation or revocation, depending on the type of contract. If customers decide to cancel or terminate their contract, it is important to know through which distribution channel they concluded the contract. We show here what options there are for cancelling or revoking a mobile phone contract.


Revocation of a contract concluded online, by telephone or by post

Customers have the right to cancel a mobile phone contract within fourteen days without giving any reason. However, this only applies to mobile phone contracts that are subject to the Distance Selling Act (Fernabsatzgesetz = FernAbsG). These are contracts concluded exclusively by means of distance communication, i.e. by telephone, fax, letter or via the internet. The revocation period is fourteen days and begins with receipt of the goods and the required documents/cancellation instructions - whichever comes last.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform the mobile phone provider of your decision to withdraw from this contract by means of a clear declaration (e.g. a letter, fax or e-mail sent by post).

You can use the attached sample cancellation (German language only) form as a template, but it is not mandatory.

The following are the contact methods for cancelling a mobile phone contract in writing to o2:

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG
90345 Nürnberg

Telephone number for postpaid customers: 0176 888 55 222
Telephone number for prepaid customers: 0176 888 55 282
Fax number: 01805-571766 (0.14 €/minute. Prices incl. VAT)

E-Mail: widerruf@cc.o2online.de

You can find more information and the return label here (German language only).

Other contact details apply to the cancellation of a DSL contract.


Consequences of revocation

If a contract is revoked, o2 will refund all payments, including the delivery costs (with the exception of additional costs resulting from the fact that a type of delivery other than the cheapest standard delivery offered by o2 was chosen), without delay and at the latest within fourteen days from the day on which the notification of the revocation of the contract was received.

It is important to note that repayment can be refused until the goods have been returned or proof has been provided that the goods have been returned.


Cancellation of a contract concluded in the shop

An o2 mobile phone contract concluded in person in a local shop is not subject to the above-mentioned right of cancellation. Therefore, as a customer, you do not have any legal rights of cancellation. Cancellation, or revocation of a contract that has already been signed, is only possible in this case as an exception. This requires careful examination by the respective shop, which may decide to comply with the cancellation request as a gesture of goodwill.



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Ich hab ein Vertrag von Internet abgeschlossen ein Monat Test kostenlos aber aufgrund mein Wohnsitz möchte ich gerne meinen Vertrag widerrufen weil ich im Wohnung kein Netz habe

Hallo @Liljana13,


wenn sich dein Vertrag noch in der Widerrufsfrist befindet, kannst du ihn über das oben verlinkte Formular, schriftlich oder via Hotline stornieren lassen. :relaxed:

Bei Fragen komme gerne auf uns zu.




Hallo, ich habe die Widerrufserklärung mit dieser E-Mail gesendet, aber keine Antwort erhalten. Ich bin sehr verärgert. Meine Auftragsnummer: XXXXXXX88


Edit: Auftragsnummer anonymisiert - o2_Kurt

Bitte im geeigneten Bereich eine eigene Frage aufmachen. Hier ist der englische Bereich und da irritieren deutsche Texte und unter solche Beiträge sollten nur thematische Fragen und Anregungen (in englisch) kommen. Individual-Fragen bitte in eigenen Fragen stellen, damit das hier nicht ausufert und womöglich übersehen wird.

Hallo, ich habe die Widerrufserklärung mit dieser E-Mail gesendet, aber keine Antwort erhalten. Ich bin sehr verärgert. Meine Auftragsnummer: WSFCxxxxx

Mods. zur Info 


Need help to cancel my mobile contract please

Hello @El puma ,

I have already replied to you in your other post.
Please stay with your request only in one post, everything else only makes our work harder. 


Best regards,

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