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Adding Sim PIN in Fritz! box 6850 LTE

Hello wonderful people, 

I have o2 max Sim card and want to us it in Fritz! Box 6850, everything is fine but I don't know how to enter the Sim PIN after inserting the Sim in the box and turning it on.

Anyone can help me please? 


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Lösung von Joe Doe 1 October 2022, 09:22

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@Tariq Niazi Did you have use the Assistant „Internetzugang einrichten“?

And you can switch the Fritzbox to English Menu to over Menu „System“


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Dear @Tariq Niazi ,

welcome to our o2 community. 💨

Did the hints of @Joe Doe help you? Thanks a lot for you support @Joe Doe 

Kind regards,


Dear @Tariq Niazi ,

welcome to our o2 community. 💨

Did the hints of @Joe Doe help you? Thanks a lot for you support @Joe Doe 

Kind regards,


I have used another trick, I added the Sim into mobile turned off the PIN option and inserted in the Fritz Box 😎

Hello @Tariq Niazi,

thank you for providing this useful solution 😊 That is working as well, but keep in mind that without the PIN protection, the SIM card is unprotected if lost.

Best regards


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