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I move to an apartment where DSL is already existing - Can I cancel my current contract?

I move to an apartment where DSL is already existing - Can I cancel my current contract?

A move is a personal life planning. We just allow an extraordinary cancellation if we are unable to provide DSL at your new address.

If the address check says okay, DSL is available, you have two possibilities to cope with the situation:

1. Take your DSL connection to your new address and put it on hold until the contract ends. Request a move online : form If it does't work go: here print the form and sent it to the mentioned address. You continue to pay the basic charge until the end of the contract. Send a cancellation to finish the contract to its regular end. You can do this online as well. It doesn’t matter if the distribution box (TAE) is occupied. It is crucial if a port is available to this address.

2. You send a cancellation without a move requested. Then we will cancel the connection in your former address to set the TAE free for the next tenant. But we will charge you the fee of all remaining months. It might be an expensive venture. An installement plan is impossible to pay the dues.

3. If you requested the move and we are unable to order DSL in your new address we would terminate the contract with immediate effect and charge three basic fees in advance. This is a legal requirement.



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Last Update: 01/2021

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