Customer service in English - Does it exist?

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I have memories of speaking English to O2 in the past - but maybe I misremember.


Today, in response to the question "Can you connect me to someone who speaks English?" - the answer from the customer care rep on the phone was "No".




(issue remains of course so any hint on how to receive customer support in English would be very welcome!)

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Hi Pernilla,

the solution could be to write an email to the social media team of o2.

Here the e-mail adress: deleted

Possibly we can help you here, when you say what do you want to know or what problem exists.

//Edit: Emailadresse gelöscht, da diese nicht mehr supportet wird. (o2_Moderator)

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Thank you for the quick response, we will try that.


I wouldn't have guessed I should email the social media team 😉

No problem 😉


It would be nice if you write to us if everything could be solved ☺

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Pernilla schrieb:

Today, in response to the question "Can you connect me to someone who speaks English?" - the answer from the customer care rep on the phone was "No".


o2 seems to have adopted a policy of not wanting to provide assistance in English except via Email / in writing. Also on Facebook the social media team won't provide assistance in English on their wall. Send an Email and you can expect a response within a few days.

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I got a response but no solution, have been asked to call again... Wish me luck.

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Hey Pernilla, sorry i forgot to hold you up to date.


I startet an request for your problem, but i still have no feedback from our Alice contact.




I have wrote two letters to the customer service and finally after two weeks someone tried to call me when i was in the Ubahn and unfortunately i coudnt hear the person nor they heard me.. it is very frustrating that the number gives you no option to reach the person or call them back..... should i write to more letters and wait for two more weeks, really ??


Andrew Khalil

Hi @AndrewEkz and welcome in this forum,


perhaps we or the mods can help you?


We - the othe customers - can possibly help you with pieces of advice, as some of us are quite experienced.


The mods belong to the social media team and are able to take care of many of the customer requests and problems. 





Well, that means i have to start everything over again. i have already sent two letters and it makes no sense to explain to you all this again. I just need to reach the person who tried to call or who is following my case.



Otherwise forget it, ill burn the line and the phone... the poorest customer service iv seen on this planet and any other planet.



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Hi Andrew,


first of all we are very sorry that obviously some misunderstandings occurred while you were updating your contract.


I understand you wanted to keep the tariff you originally had, which was our o2 Blue Select but instead our o2 Blue All-in M tariff was acitvated.

I did take a look into your customer data to check the letters you sent to us at the beginning of this month. One of our colleagues already took care of your case and decided to re-adjust you to your former tariff by the next billing-cycle. You will receive a letter informing you about this within the next few days.


I hope this settles the matter to your satisfaction. However, if you have any further questions regarding this please do not hesitate to ask.



Best regards,




I have also a similar problem with activating the correct contract.

The contract I signed since 30.08.2014 is not activated, then another contract that I did NOT sign was activated on 15.11.2014.

I went twice to the O2 shop where I did the contract at the first place but the problem just became more complicated.

Yesterday I got a message that O2 will lock my data access starting from tomorrow (because I refused to pay the last invoice), and I should call some number.  After waiting 20 mins, someone answered me, who luckily can speak English, and said that he cannot help me in my problem so he will forward me to customer service.  After waiting another 20 mins, someone just hanged up on me!

I tried to call and wait again for 10 mins, and I didn't find anyone who can speak English with me.

I need any customer service employee that I can speak in English with and who can do something for my problem.  I pay monthly around 3 times the amount I should really pay, and it is NOT OK that I pay for something I did NOT sign for.


Would be great if I can get any help in this forum.


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Hello MTawfik,


we only found one contract and a My-Handy, but there is no other mobile contract evident. Please tell us your telephone numbers via PN.




I would say that some people are lucky to get support in 2-3 weeks.  I don't know how many months I should wait until my problem will be solved.


I paid know over 150 euros just trying to solve the problem, I lost my previous 5 weekends to travel to the shop that I did the contract with.  Telephone Customer Service replied that they I must go to the shop because I did my contract there.  My Internet is blocked since 1 month because I refused to pay for a wrong contract.  And now I paid 90 euros for the bills (instead of 20) just to get my internet working, and it is not yet back.


I preferred O2 rather than other cheaper providers because I thought that they have Customer Service.  But they don't even reply to my messages/emails.  I cannot be more disappointed !!

Hehehe that was me, obviously starting to get a bit frustrated with the lack of convenience in providing a toll free number or "hotline" for their customers like most phone companies would have! Maybe it's just in Germany hehe.. To give you a litte update,I somehow just got off the phone with O2 in the Czech Republic of all places!!! Really don't know what's going on with Berlin O2 customer care but I will certainly be disputing that charge if it happens to appear somehow on my bill. Pernilla, thanks for your kind assistance but since it's not an absolute necessity for me to speak in english, I would be forever grateful if you wouldn't mind just posting the customer care phone number for berlin or even just germany if it exists somewhere. 

Many thank & have a lovely weekend,

Natalie ☺

It is near impossible to speak to customer service. You have made it impossible to find out how to contact you. I have been looking around this website for hours and spent 20 minutes on hold. Accessibility? None. I took out a contract with you on Nov 1 and paid the initial payment. Yet, today, 14 days later, another month was debited from my account? Can you explain why and tell me how I can simply call customer service with no fuss and not going through a stupid maze of questions

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What contract (DSL? Mobile?), which tarif?, when activated, when and which amounts were debited? Have you received an invoice? With a few more details it might be possible to resolve your issue.

Please please just call me on my mobile (the one you sold me 14 days ago!!!) or give me a number to call!!!!! My MOBILE contract started on Nov 1 and I paid you an amount then. Today you debited 34 euros from my bank account? why?

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No, you paid money to o2. You are talking to other customers here and nobody here can call you!!!!!!

The number for customer services is 0176 88855222. If you bought a phone then you have 2 contracts and 2 monthly payments. Maybe have somebody who speaks German look over your contracts for you?

Hi Julia,

I have been having a problem with the data on my cell phone for almost 5 months and nobody seems to want to help me at O2 in Germany!!  Everytime I leave Germany my data stops working.  I have lost count of the number of times I have called, most to be told nobody speaks english, but the few who have spoken english have not been able to fix the problem!  I started a new contract plan in January hoping this would fix the problem, but it hasnt.

I am getting very fustrated!!!!

Many thanks