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Terminating O2 free M boost contract before 2 years

  • 1 November 2019
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Hello O2,

i came to Germany two months ago as an exchange student and i will leave again back to my country on 30/6/2020

i was interested in the O2 free M boost sim card contract for 20 euros per month to get 20Gb internet and unlimited calls but the man at the O2 store told me it is a two year contract and i am only staying for about 8 months more

I want to know what will happen if i sign the contract and decide to cancel/terminate it before i leave?

do i have to pay any extra cancellation fees? 

than man told me you can only terminate it after 6 months, does this mean cancellation will be for free after the 6 months?


Lösung von o2_Marc 8 November 2019, 10:28

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Hi@mohamed.alaaser ,


I answered you already here - https://hilfe.o2online.de/english-o2-community-43/special-offer-young-people-get-a-discount-of-15-eur-on-free-m-boost-o2-free-l-or-free-l-boost-508209


Best Regards,




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