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  • 24 November 2021
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Hello, I have ordered a postpaid sim on 15.11.2021 and I got an email saying that the sim card was hand overed to Deutsch post on 18.11.2021 but till today I haven't received my sim. WSFCXXXXX99 is my order number and it will be really helpful if you can help me finding the tracking id of Deutsch post!

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9 Antworten


There is no tracking number for standard letters.

You should call the o2 customer service for further support. You can also wait here for further  help, but it can take up to 2 weeks.


Service in English

For English-speaking support, please contact us at

089 66 66 30 08 1*

This service is available monday till friday from 10am - 6pm.

*Charges according to your rates for calls to German landline.

@o2_Tobias Hey, Can you look into my problem? Is it normal that delivery takes a week or so? I got an email today that my sim will be activated soon but I haven't received it yet.

Hi @gowtham1611

welcome to our English Community. Nice that you decided to order a new contract with o2. 

Thanks for your message. No, it is not normal that the delivery of the sim-card takes so long. 

I have therefore ordered the delivery of another sim-card to you, of course free of charge. 

The sim-card will arrive within the next 5 working days. 

I hope that this time the delivery will function properly. 


Loving greetings,


Hey @o2_Tobias , thank you so much for saving me. I received any email with my new number. Is there any way to use one of the sim like a esim right away? And also I got a landline number marked in XXXXXX , was it for me to get a landline ?

Hey @o2_Tobias !! I just received my sim card!! Thanks for your response. 

Hi @gowtham1611

oh, that´s nice. I am really happy for you. 

Your contract includes also a landline-number that is valid all over Germany. This does not mean that you have a landline-contract, no. But persons who call you by the landline-number can reach you by mobile phone. 

If you like to use any of your sim-cards as eSIM, just follow this description: eSIM In the videos you can switch the subtitles into English. 


Loving greetings,


Hello, i also have the exact same problem. I haven't received the order (postpaid). But i have received the email about your sim card will activate soon.


i also want to get esim if its possible to get it rightaway, because i cannot wait more 7 days in order to receive my sim card. 

if i opt for esim, will it arrive in email quickly and my current prepaid sim card number will transfered to this new postpaid esim as told my customer service? 

Hey @Israrhussain,

Thank you for your patience. Could you briefly explain which SIM you are waiting for? Is it a postpaid contract?



Hey @Israrhussain,

Has your request been resolved? Do you still need help?


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