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SMS Not working on new sim card

I just started using a new 02 simcard with (Iphone contract) but for some unknown reasons I can’t send SMS or text messages to any number. 


Please what can I do? This is very fustrating in this difficult times 




Lösung von o2_Michi 9 April 2020, 22:27

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Hi @Mikayo ,


nice to meet you in our o2 Community. :relaxed:


Please can you take a look in your iPhone settings? Is there the correct sms service central numer “ 49176000443“ saved? If not, please take this number.


Best regards,


HI @o2_Marc 

Thank you for the quick answer. I tried to fix this some days back but I realized that some numbers still cannot receive SMS from me but some numbers can. 

By the way, I am an idiot but assuming *#5005*7672# is the right way to check for the SMS service central number then I already tried that and I got an “Error” answer. 


Please what can I do? some numbers receive SMS but some can’t

Die richtige SMS-Zentrale-Nummer ist +49 176 000 0443


I don't speak German ! What am I expected to do with that number?

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Dear @Mikayo ,


in order to help you with your request, I need your mobile phone number or your customer number and your four-digit personal customer ID/code. I'll write a private message from o2_Support to you.

Please get in touch with me again here in the post when you have answered the private message!


Kind regards,


@o2_Andrea Thanks . I will send a message right away

@o2_Andrea  Where do I find the four-digit personal customer ID?

I sent you my phone number already. 

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Dear @Mikayo ,


you can find your four-digit personal customer ID on page 1 of your contract documents when you have signed the contract in a shop. If you have completed the contract yourself online, then you have set the personal customer code yourself.


Kind regards,


Dear Andrea, 


Unfortunately, your answer is not helpful. I have checked the first page and I can’t see any four-digit number I am so confused right now. 

Is it the Sim card ID numbers? I see some other four-digit numbers but I don’t know which is the correct one. 

What do I do? It is so annoying not being able to send SMS to some numbers



Hi @Mikayo ,


sorry for the delayed answer.

Can you please try the “ +49 176 000 0443 “(with 4x “0”)

Do you use more than one simcard?


Best regards,


Dear @o2_Michi 

No problem. I have given two sim cards when I bought the phone. I was told I should use one for the phone and second on a tab. Since I don't have a tab, I only use one for the phone. 


I tried to call the number but it doesn’t connect. Thanks. 

Hi @Mikayo,


thanks for your reply.


It should not be a problem that you use only one of your sim-cards.


But still it is strange that some SMS go out and some not.


In order to help you further, please reply to the private message I just sent to you via @o2_Support. Please send via @o2_Support also the sim-card-number that you use in your iPhone.


Thanks a lot.


Loving greetings,


Hi @Mikayo,


until now, I did not receive any response at @o2_Support from you.


Could you already clarify your issue?


If you need any further help, just let me know.


Loving greetings,


Dear @o2_Tobias 

The past few days have been a bit stressful for me but I just replied through the private message.





So @o2_Tobias  Has the issue been fixed?

Hi @Mikayo,


thanks a lot for your details at @o2_Support.


Did you already try to send SMS to several different numbers, or do you have a problem only with 1 or 2 specific numbers? Do they arrive at the other person perhaps a day later?


Loving greetings,


Thanks, @o2_Tobias  for the quick response. 


What I noticed is that SMS works perfectly for numbers outside Germany and some numbers in Germany.

But overall, I can’t send SMS to many German numbers. I always get an error message. 




Hi @Mikayo,


what exactly says the error message. Can you please let me know the exact wording?


What device do you use?


I look forward to your reply.


Loving greetings,


Dear @o2_Tobias ,


I use an Iphone 11. I don’t get a specific personal message . What I get is a : “Not delivered” notification message send failure. 



Best wishes. 

Hi @Mikayo,


I have to excuse myself for not coming back to you immediately.


Do you still have the issue with the delivery of sms-messages to some numbers within Germany?


Did you already try to send sms from another device to these specific numbers where your iPhone 11 has problems?


Did you already try to reset your whole device completely?


I hope that these suggestions are helpful to you.


Loving greetings,



I bought a O2 simcard yesterday.

They told me that I can call or send messages freely for 28 days. The data is working but sms or calling not. What should I do?

Thank for your help in advance

Hi @Fati77

welcome to our English Community. :blush:  

I guess that you are talking about your o2 prepaid-card. 

Which tariff did you order?

Please check the conditions of your tariff here: our o2 Prepaid-tariffs 

Do you use a new phone together with the prepaid-card?

Do you have enough credit on your card?

Together we will found out the reason why you cannot do calls and send SMS. 


Loving greetings,



I have an issue with my SIM card that I don’t receive any sms-messages. eg: Password reset messages, OTPs etc. Could you please support me to fix the same.?





delete your phone number.

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@mytojose Please delete your Phone number, this is a public Forum and wait for the Moderation.

Best regards,


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