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lost sim card prepaid need to port my number to another operator.

  • 12 February 2024
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Hi o2_Rebecca ,

I lost my simcard and i don’t have the password to login to the app. I am a prepaid user for my other O2 number. I need to port that number from O2 to other operator. can you please help me in this. What should i do.


tahir masood 

2 Antworten

Hello @tahir696

to release your number, you have to declare that you allow the new provider to order the transfer of the number. 

You can actually set up the porting declaration yourself via Mein o2. Since you no longer have the access data, please contact our prepaid hotline.

You can find the number here: Kontakt aufnehmen und Hilfe finden | o2 (o2online.de)

Best regards

Hello @tahir696

you didn't get back to us here. Did everything work out with the number porting?🙂

Best regards

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