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Defective device

  • 23 December 2015
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Defective device
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If you purchased your device via O2 or base, please visit one of our shops or get in touch with our customer services. You can also place an order for repair via our partner w-support online. If you did not purchase your device with us, please contact the manufacturer directly.

On this mentioned webpage you can take up a repair order (Reparaturerfassung). On the same page you can also check the current state of your reair order (Statusverfolgung). 
The repair will be made free of charge as long as legal warranty still applies and the device was purchased via O2.

Warranty does not apply for the following scenarios:

  • You did not purchase your device from O2
  • The warranty period expired (24 months since delivery, 12 months since delivery for devices from our outlook store and for devices from Apple, respectively).
  • Your device is defective due to improper handling
  • Your device is defective due to non-observance of the manual
  • The defect was caused from the customer or another person
  • The defect was caused from moisture and/or overvoltage damage
  • The device was repaired from non-authorized service partner and/or you opened the device yourself
  • The device is defective due to manipulations at the operating system

 If there is no case for warranty, you can send your device for repair at your own expense. You can also choose to have your smartphone sent back to you without any repairs made (shipping costs will have to be carried by you) or to instruct us to dispose your device.

Please have the following data at hand:

  • Your mobile number
  • A copy of your bill or delivery note
  • The IMEI code of your device
  • The exact type of your device
  • A short summary of the defect itself
  • Your address and e-mail address
  • An alternative number in case of questions

 Please save your personal data!

Most repair techniques will lead to the loss of your saved data. Therefore please ensure that you have secured those before. For safety reasons please also delete all saved telephone numbers, calendar entries, SMS and MMS from your phone.

Further useful tips

Your device does not need repair for all defaults or defects. Some easy ways might avoid this step:

  • Turn your device off and on again
  • Remove the battery, SIM and storage card of your device and clean the contacts with a dry cloth before inserting them again.
  • If you use the reset function, your device will be reset to its factory settings
  • A software update might prove to be useful, if your system is not working anymore.

This way your device remains intact for a long time:

  • Protect your device from humidity or moisture
  • Do not use your device with wet hands
  • Clean your device carefully with a lightly moistured cloth
  • Do not expose your device to extreme temperatures
  • Do not expose your device to strong vibrations or shocks
  • Do only use original supplies and attachments
  • Adhere to the manual always

If you have further questions or any comment about this topic and process you can visit our English o2 community and write a question! 


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