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Current o2 tariffs

  • 26 January 2018
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Current o2 tariffs
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The market for mobile contracts is changing according to the changing technology.Here you will always find the information about the current tariff portfolio.

You can find general information about the tariffs and mobile phones also in our online shop:



What's new right now?

Since the market is changing rapidly also the tariffs of the o2 portfolio changed a lot during the last years. Do you still remember the time when the button for the internet online was like the most dangerous button of all time? When you were frightened because you accidentally clicked on it? And now, just a few years later, even during the last several years technology made it’s way in our everyday life. For the new demand also the tariffs have changed. A few of them you’ll find here as an overview. 

Currently o2 offers a tariff portfolio called "o2 Free".

The name already implicates the use of it:

  • with o2 Free you have a much higher data volume included
  • no automatic data upgrade
  • telephone and SMS flatrate
  • new EU-regulated roaming-pack included


Online you will find tariffs for: 

  • new customers 
  • o2 customers (partner tariffs) 
  • young people 
  • people older than 60 years 
  • freelancer 

Keep in mind that the offers that you find on that webpage are for new contracts! Also in the category of o2 customers you’ll find new contracts - partner tariffs - which will usually be cheaper depending on which contract you already have. These offers are not for extending your contract. If you are looking for a contract renewal please have a loook at this FAQ: 




The tariffs are divided in three groups - 

  • experts (with a lot of data volume and contracts starting at 39,99 €)
  • allrounder - which you can see here (with a little less data volume, starting at 29,99 €)
  • first-time user (starting at 19,99 €)

These are the prices for a runtime contract of 24 months.

You can also get the contracts with a Flex option. With that you can cancel your contract with a 30 day notice period. The Flex option raises the respective monthly charge by 5,00€.


If you’re not sure which tariff you need, how much data volume you use or if you’re not sure which discounts you’d get - do not hesitate to visit our English o2 community and write a question! :nerd:


Latest Update: 01/2021

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