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Contract ends stuck with kombi package

I had a a contract with O2 for 2 years and i was happy. But i needed another number some time ago and O2 was offering 10GB for 15 euros so i took it. But now as my other 2 year contract is going to end it ask pay 15 euro for 1GB on one number so that i can keep using this new number with same price otherwise i need to pay 30 euros.

I would like to buy a new phone but right now i’m having two numbers and paying around 30 euros just for internet, which is not fair. I need to buy iPhone Pro but with these already bought packages. I need to renew that 1 GB with phone package as that is useless.
Please help.
and my German is not good so please in ENglish, if anyone?

Thanks in advance


Lösung von o2_Annika 18 January 2020, 16:13

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Hi @Shazi1212,


thanks a lot for your message.


I just checked your contracts.


As I see, you have already prolonged your tariff “o2 Free S” for another 24 months for 14,99 €.


Do I understand you correctly that you like to withdraw from this extension within the withrawal-period of 14 days in order to get another offer together with an iPhone?


I look forward to your reply.


Loving greetings,


Yes.  You understand right.  Can you tell me a contract with iPhone 11 pro 64GB (night green).  I’m waiting for your assistance. Thanks. 

Hi @Shazi1212,


thanks for your reply.


As I can see in your data, you were already successful with the withdrawal of your extension.


We now can check if you can get a nice offer together with the iPhone 11 pro 64 GB in night green. Please write a private message to @o2_VVL and tell us your wishes for your new tariff.


Of course, you can write in English.


We look forward to your message at @o2_VVL.


Loving greetings,


Hi @Shazi1212 :raising_hand_tone1:


unfortunately we did not get any PM from you yet. Or did you already receive a nice offer?


Loving greetings



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