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contract cancellation

  • 10 February 2024
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I want to cancel my one sim card because when I went to the O2 shop for a new connection they told me that with your no. one more sim card is free of charge and I don’t need to pay anything. The total monthly bill will be 24.99. today I saw the bill of 31 euros in my O2 application. I talked to customer care today they told me it's more than 14 days so it's hard to do anything. Please, tell me what to do. I’m a student here and can't pay 31 euros monthly. 


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3 Antworten

Hello and welcome to the community @Devyani.💙

Did I understand correctly that you signed up for the plan at a local o2 store?

If so, unfortunately, the information about the 14 days was not accurate, as it only applies if you signed up for the plan online or via phone call.

In your case, the only option is for the store where you signed the contract to take it back.

I assume you signed a contract in the store, listing the second SIM card and its associated costs?

Best regards



Hello Steffen,

Thank you for your response. yes, I signed the contract in the O2 store but they told me the second no( SIM) is free and my monthly bill will be 24.98 euros. Now I’m paying 31.48 euros which is killing my pocket. They gave me the wrong information. In this whole situation, I’m  suffering 

kindly help..!!!

Hello @Devyani,

If you made a contract for a new plan in the shop or if you extended an existing contract with a new tariff, different than with contracts or extensions of contracts ordered online or via our hotline there is no possibility of cancellation within 14 days.   

Did you try and go to the shop again and ask whether a cancellation is possible?



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