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Changing 5g to DSL

Dear O2 team, 


I am your very satisfied customer and use 2 tariffs: 1 for my mobile phone and 1 for 5g home router. 


I recently discovered, that there is a possibility to have the DSL home internet at my home (XXXXX), so I wanted to learn what is the best way to do that? (i.e. switch my 5g router with the DSL one). Please advice :)



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Hello @sternchen2.0 ,

with the switch to the DSL line what kind of bandwidth are you looking at and have you already thought about what kind of router you’d want to use with the new connection?


Kind regards, Sven

Hello Sven, whatever gives me the most bandwidth. Right now the 5g router is extremely slow, so whatever beats it - is my option. What choices do I have? 



Dear Sven, in addition, I would like to mention that my current 5g connection quality has been abysmal (both for my mobile internet and home connection), so I would really love to explore the alternatives. 

I’d appreciate a prompt response as my work is heavily dependant on the internet connection.



Hello O2 team, is there a way I coiuld get any updates?

Hello @sternchen2.0 

We will get back to you via private message to confirm your address and then send you an offer via e-mail.

Is the e-mail address you registered for your contract the correct one to send you an offer?



Hello Gerrit, yes, the email listed in my contact info and contract is correct


Thank you!


Dear Gerrit, I sincerely apoligize but I just found out there was a typo in my email address. The proper email address is xxxxxxxxx@gmail.com




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​Good morning @sternchen2.0  🙂
A switch to DSL is possible with a contract extension 👍

You can check our network availability to see what is possible at your desired address.

Please tell me which DSL tariff you would like and whether you would also like to rent a DSL router from us? You currently have the following options:

  • o2 HomeBox 3 DSL for €3.99/month
  • AVM FRITZ!BOX 7590AX o2 DSL for €6.99/month
  • AVM FRITZ!BOX 7530AX for €2.99/month


Kathi 💙

Hello Kathi, thanks for getting back to me! 


As far as I checked - my address supports 250 Mbit/s tariff. As for the router choice - I don’t have any expertise, but I am aiming for maximum speed and connection stability (for streaming and gaming) so the price is not an issue.


Additional question: how would the process look like? What should I do with my existing 5g router? 


Many thanks,


Hello O2 team, any updates on the above? Would really love to see the process going :) 



Hello @sternchen2.0 .

It always takes a few days for us to respond to your post, thank you for waiting 🤗

For a contract extension offer for a DSL tariff, I need the following information from you.

  • Is this a single-family or multi-family home in your area? Which floor, right/left/middle?
  • The earliest technician visit can be 2-3 weeks after the move request. You can choose the switching window yourself: between 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 12 p.m. - 4 p.m.




Hello @sternchen2.0 🙂,

would you still like an offer for a technology change to the 250 Mbit DSL line? We need a little more information from you.

•    Is it a detached house or a block of flats? Is it a front or rear house?
•    Which floor is your flat on?
•   Where is the entrance to the flat, to the right, left or in the centre?
•    What is your flat number?
•    In the event of a technician visit, which time is best for you? In the morning between 8 am and 12 noon or in the afternoon between 12 noon and 4 pm?

Kind regards,

Hello @sternchen2.0 ,

So far you have not responded to our questions.
Are you still interested in an offer?

Best regards,

Hello, sorry for the delay. I am definitely interested in the offer; could you advise my next steps? 


  1. this is a multi-family house
  2. the apartment is on 1st floor (each floor has only 1 apartment)
  3. it is a front house
  4. I don’t have a flat number
  5. best time for the technician is 8am-12pm


Please let me know if you require any other details


Thank you!

Hello @sternchen2.0 🙂,
thanks for the information on the location. 
before I can make you an offer, one very important question, is your contact address correctly stored in my o2 and should the new DSL contract also run at this address?

Change contact address: www.o2online.de/goto/kontaktadresse

Best regards, Maren

Hello Maren, yes, confirming that the address is correct and the DSL contract should be under it. Will the DSL contract replace the existing 5g Home Internet contract? 


Thank you!


Hello @sternchen2.0 🙂,

It's proving more difficult for you than expected because I first need to change the usage address for your HomeSpot. But that's not possible because no HomeSpot is possible at your address. I could only create the technology change, but that would be for the wrong address. So I've now sent a ticket to the technical department and asked for help.

If everything works out, I can offer you the o2 Home L 250 (€44.99) with a €5 discount and the FritzBox 7530AX (€2.99/month) together for €46.98 per month.

I have to ask for your patience now, it will take some time.

Kind regards, Maren 💙

Hello Maren, thank you for your reply. 


Please, take your time with the tech department; I am in no rush whatsoever and regardless of the output I will be satisfied :) 




Hello @sternchen2.0 🙂,

Good news: I have now created the move and the technology change. I'll keep an eye on it, as I wasn't able to book as usual, I'm also dependent on your help. If moving costs are charged, please get in touch and let me know, these will be reimbursed in any case.

Best regards, Maren 💙

Hello Maren, thank you for your support! 


I see the invoice in my personal account (please see the attachment), and I intend to pay it tomorrow. As far as I understand from my poor Deutsch, the moving costs are also to be charged. 


Please let me know the next steps and have a wonderful day! 




Hello @sternchen2.0 🙂,

There are no moving costs. However, the system has charged a connection fee of €49.99 for the router, the HomeBox3. I will credit this fee to your account. I was unable to deactivate this in advance when booking. Please give your consent so that the changeover can take place.

Kind regards, Maren 💙

Hello Maren,


Yes, confirming you have my consent for this! 



Hello @sternchen2.0 😊,

Thank you for accepting the offer. You will receive written confirmation in the next few days as to when the technology change will take place. Please return the old router as soon as the new connection is active. You can return your router to us free of charge here: https://router-retoure.o2online.de/start/app/returnsorder. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Otherwise, have a happy and peaceful Easter KaninchenTulpeSchlüpfendes Küken

Best regards, Maren 💙

Hello Maren, 


JFYI: I have accepted the offer :) 




@sternchen2.0, thanks for accepting our offer.

My colleague will credit the connection fee for the Router (“Anschlusspreis”) and has also deposited a note about it for other colleagues 🙂

Best regards,


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