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cannot activate 5G


I have bought a phone that supports 5G but I still only have LTE, got a message confirming that my 5G option had been activated but still nothing’s changed.



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Hi @JorgeMatos ,
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Which tariff do you have and does it include 5g?  Is 5g available at your address? You can check it here
Kind regards,

Thank you @o2_Larissa 


I have the Free M Boost tariff, it should have 5G available, no?

thank you again


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@JorgeMatos Which phone do you use? Is the 5G option in your O² App activated?

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5G Handy ist doch vorhanden und die Option auch freigeschaltet. 


Die Frage wäre, ob 5G am Standort verfügbar ist.

@dSkill yes I activated it in the app after buying the phone

@dSkill  iPhone 13 Pro Max so it should work

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Hallo @JorgeMatos ,

yeah iPhone dont have Carrier Policy so it should work. 

May you can disable and enable 5G ? I had the same issue. After the chat did this it worked. 




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Dear @JorgeMatos ,

I was happy to check, but 5G is not available at your address. Have you already been to places where 5G is available?

Kind regards,


@dSkill thanks a lot just did and will activate and try again

@o2_Andrea thanks a lot I noticed that in my address there isn’t, I will be in a place where there is already and will re-activate the 5G option there and see.

thanks a lot

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Dear @JorgeMatos ,

the option is already activated. You received some emails with the confirmation of activating, deactivating and again activating.

Kind regrads,


@o2_Andrea have it turned on and I have been turning my phone off and on for the last 3 days and still no change. I am currently in an area that has 5G available. Is there anything else I can do?

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Hello @JorgeMatos,

did you take a check if 5G is available where you are right now?

Your phone definately is able to receive 5G and your tariff is ready to go.


Best regards,


@o2_Michi there is 5G in the area where I am at, yes

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Hello @JorgeMatos,

in case everything is okay (phone, net coverage, 5G is available) it could be a faulty transmission tower.

Can you please enter your address where you experience no 5G coverage in our Livecheck? If everything else is okay, it should be a performance issue from our side.


Best regards,


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