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Cancelling an extra service I ordered by mistake



On 19th of January I ordered by mistake an extra 5GB of data (Surf Upgrade L) on my mobile account (in addition to the regular 4GB I have). 

On the next day (20th January) I sent a Wiederrufsbelegrung to widerruf@cc.o2online.de.

I received an automatic response tha my E-mail was received but since then I didn’t get anything.


Can someone help me look into my cancellation request?


Thank you. 


Lösung von o2_Manga 5 February 2020, 20:00

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Hi @Sagi_Guy,


I have checked this matter for you. Your cancellation request was done just the other day after ordering the pack. You will get a confimation within a few days.



Thank you.


I will wait for the confirmation.

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