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account termination and again need numer back



i have a big problem as my contact is terminated i want to prolong it on last day but it was deactive at night and was not able to prolong the contract and know its all close. I want the number back but they tell me evrey time new story and from last 2 week I am fedup and not able to understand where is problem.


could someone help in that problem


Lösung von o2_Jan 4 February 2020, 08:45

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If the contract was not deactivated too long ago, it can probably be reactivated. Please wait here for an o2_moderator.

I am trying for first day and not able to understand what they want and where is problem



Hi @araza,

welcome to the o2 community!

I have sent you a direct message via our @o2_Support account so that you can give us some details so that we can find your account in our data system.

Also, you can use this thread right here to describe what seems to be the problem.

Best regards,


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