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Account Blocked and unable to unblock

  • 19 February 2024
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I have a myO2 account for the devices I have purchased on contract. I do not have a o2 number. While trying to unblock my O2 account, it does not send me a new password when I enter my email address. How can I see the status of my contract payments and unblock my account. 


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3 Antworten

Hello and welcome to the community @ayushc. 💙

If I understand correctly, you were able to log in normally using your contract number and view your installment plan, but now it no longer works correctly?

What error message are you seeing exactly? That your account was blocked because the wrong password was entered too many times?

Best regards


It says :

“Da hat etwas nicht geklappt

Beim Anmelden ist ein fehler aufgetreten. Versuche es in ein paar Minuten noch einmal.”


It has been like this for months and I am unable to login to see status of my contract payments. When I try to reset my password, it says I am logged in and to log out. I have no idea why.

Hello @ayushc ,

have you been able to log in at all in the past? Else you will probably first have to register one of your installment plans for mein o2 to be able to gain access at all.


Kind regards, Sven

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