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Product information sheets

Product information sheets
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For all the tariffs of the o2 portfolio, o2 offers the product information sheets online for everyone to check (§ 1 TK - transparency requirements).


Those sheets contain the following main information of the tariff:

  • name and which services are possible (internet, telephony, tv)
  • since when it's available on the market
  • maximum domestic data transfer rate in download and upload
  • runtime
  • scheduled price

The currently advertised tariffs you find here

- Product information sheets

To find the information sheet you need you can switch between mobile tariffs, prepaid tariffs and your internet at home tariffs. 


No longer advertised tariffs you find the the archival storage:

- Archival storage

Note that the prices contained therein are standard prices excluding any discounts. You will, however, receive a separate email/letter confirming the individual conditions and tariff details we've agreed upon.



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Latest Update: 01/2021

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