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How to create a technical error ticket for (V)DSL line at O2

  • 18 September 2019
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How to create a technical error ticket for (V)DSL line at O2
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You have a problem with your router/internet connection? Please check the LED first. If you use an O2 Homebox it is named “DSL led” and by a Fritz box “Power led” :
If the light is flashing there is no (V)DSL synchronization at your landline.
Did you check the wire from the router to the TAE box? Is everything fixed?
Did you restart the router after the router has been unplugged from electricity for at least 10 minutes?
If so and nothing happens after all then a (V)DSL error ticket must be created by the O2 helpline.

Please use the “o2 my Service”

for Andorid
for iOS
After you installed the app on your mobile, you can switch the language from German to English over Menu/Einstellungen/Sprache

With the app and mobile phone connected over Wifi to your router, you let the app check the (V)DSL connection.
If a fault is detected you get a pre-ticket number and a phone number to issue an error ticket.
Please have your landline number and the four-digit customer identification code at hand.
Remember that O2 can´t guarantee an English speaking support staff. If it is necessary, try calling again or ask a German friend for assistance.

If you don’t use the app please get in touch with our technical customer support
Call: 089 78 79 79 400  ( at fixed landline price )

Example of the “o2 my Service” app (Android)

Last Update: 06/2020

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