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  • 3 December 2019
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Dear Sir or Madam,

I want to confirm that I want to close my O2 account. My number is +49176…..91. I sent my abmeldung from city and statement with my signature via post from my previous home address at October.

I wanted to close my account  from November 2019 but I am still charging with payment. I changed my number and my adress. I did not got any confirmation e-mail to my mail address to confirm that I want to cancel my account because I am no longer living at Germany. I am wondering; Did you get my post and when will you cancel my account? Why I am still charging with payment? What should I do now?

Best Regards



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1 Antwort

Hi @names,

welcome to the o2 community!

Your form to end your contract due to moving abroad has reached us and is currently being processed.
Which means that as of now, your contract is still running which is why you’re being charged.
Once your contract is terminated, you will get a final bill with the charge of the 3 months of basic fees in advance, after that, your contract will end.

If we have new information or if your cancellation is confirmed, we will contact you again.

Best regards,

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