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cancellation of o2 contract

I want to cancel my current contract. How I can do it easily? I have already visit o2 shop but they told me. Its not possible by o2 shop .
Please let me know how I can cancel my contract.

Best regards

Lösung von brianna 12 February 2014, 11:31

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The safest method is writing a letter:


Fax: 01805 - 57 17 66 (0,14 €/Min. aus dem dt. Festnetz. Mobilfunkhöchstpreis: 0,42 €/Min.)

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co OHG
90345 Nürnberg


Greatings from brianna

Hello Brianna


I tried by sending letters and calling and they still refused to cancel.


So what options do i have as they said by German Law, contracts cannot be cancelled?

Quaid schrieb:
Hello Brianna

I tried by sending letters and calling and they still refused to cancel.

So what options do i have as they said by German Law, contracts cannot be cancelled?

When did you originally make the contract? Why do want to cancel?

Normally such contracts have a term of 2 years, which will automatically be prolonged if not cancelled on time. "On time" means at least 3 months before the end of term.

hello Brianna,


I have a monthly home internet contract did I want to end this month: because I am leaving Germany. Writing a letter will not be quick. So, since I am at the end Notifying of the month, will i have to pay for september even though i will not be here and i will send my router? Thanks

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Hello Jalsomina,


you can also send your cancelation by fax. Our fax number is 01805 571766. We need some documents, that proof, that you are leaving Germany.

I'am afraid, that you have to pay for september, because you send us your cancelation at the End of august. ☹️


[color=#003366]Yours sincerely


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o2_Michael schrieb:
We need some documents, that proof, that you are leaving Germany. 

Yours sincerely


If it's a contract which can be terminated with one month's notice she shouldn't need to provide any proof as it would be a regular termination 😮

I am in a similar problem where I requested a cancellation (by writing letter and giving proof of my new residential address) before I left Germany (in March) and I am still getting bills like normal without any response to my request for cancellation. I wonder how the 02 customer support functions regarding written request; I have already notified my bank to prevent further transaction, since I do not want to be charged even though I am no longer in Germany!

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Dear sutirtha,

you have a mobile contract with a minimum contract duration of 24 Months.

The cancellation has been entered to the end of this contract duration (21. June 2015) and we informed you by Mail, that we can offer a cancellation to an earlier date out of goodwill, if you can provide a copy of the de-registration certificate from Germany, and are willing to pay 3 monthly fees in advance.

Since we didn't get the needed documents, nor your agreement for the payment of 3 basic fees, we did not cancel your contract to an earlier date. As the contract ends next Month anyway, I would encourage you to pay the monthly basic fee as you did before and let the contract end regularly.

Best Regards,


Thank you for the response. I spoke with a customare representative who said that all necessary communication will be sent *by email* since I was no longer in Germany. I have NEVER received any information by email since my cancellation request! I have even transferred money in advance to cover for 3months (since I cannot give an agreement for an automatic debit off my bank account any more). I evenalled up the customer care number (paying international call charges for 20mins!) just to obtain a written confirmation by email; they promised they would either call back or email me within 24hrs that have lapsed.

I very much appreciate the gesture of goodwill on part of O2 and the customare care service; my only complaint is the right to information when I requested - I intentionally provided my email address in the letter requesting the cancellation, but I got no information henceforth for me to act accordingly!

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Dear sutirtha,

we contacted you by e-mail on March 13th asking for the needed documents and your approval for the charge. Since we didn't get a response, we couldn't proceed the cancellation to an earlier date.

We used the gmail-address you have also entered in your forum-profile.

Did you at least get the e-mail from May 8th with billing information?



Yes. I read the email today and it says:

With pleasure I confirm the following received payments:

39,51 EUR booked to account 6001146048 at 6th of May 2015 by transfer

69,98 EUR booked to account 6001146048 at 7th of May 2015 by transfer

34,99 EUR booked to account 6001146048 at 8th of May 2015 by direct debit.

Your customer account currently shows a credit balance in the amount of 70,28 EUR which will be set against following invoices.

However, I do not understand the credit amount of 70,28EUR ! Is this what I have to pay still to end my contract? I just asked what I still have to pay to end my contract - considering that a cancellation to an earlier date was impossible (since I did not find any email in my account in March asking for the documents required).

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Dear Sutirtha,

I replied to your e-mail a few minutes ago. To proceed with your matter we will await your reply and will then further clarify the stated credit amount.

Best regards


Dear Julia,

I responded to your email on Thursday - if I understood correct, I had already provided a copy of one of the three documents asked for (i.e.proof of my new domicile in India) - I also sent another email on Thursday with proof of end of my employment in Germany (attached with the email). Kindly let me know if this is not sufficient - I cannot provide any other official proof, and in fact I was told at the 02 shop where I approached in March that the proof of my new domicile should be enough to cancel the contract already!

Please let me know.


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Dear Sutirtha,

you will get an answer by e-mail. It is easier to proceed with your matter, if we communicate only via e-mail and not parallel in two different ways.

Best regards,


Dear Julia,

I request once more to confirm the receipt of the document with my present residential address (as also written in m last email) - it is the officially certified (legally) copy that I had sent following the advice I received for cancellation of my contract in March. Please confirm at the earliest!


See the hurdle simply to cancel an account.

I would never suggest an O2 to anyone. I too had all the trouble with my DSL and O2 mobile. After leaving Germany still I am paying for 3 months, ridiculous.

I think we should create an online awareness of these complexity, so the in future people will be saved. I have many of my fried who regret being an O2 customers.

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Please stop spamming other people's threads. You are not helping anybody by digging up old threads to spread your personal dissatisfaction.