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Wrong DoB - sim card activation


I’ve made a mistake with my date of birth during activation of sim card and now I can’t proceed with IdentityTrust-App. It’s not possible in the web page update date to the correct. Could you please advise how I can update my data?




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Hi @ruru_g 

Wecome to our o2 Community. 

I assume in this special case its best and fastest solution to order a new prepaid card with the correct date of birth.

Best Regards Matze 



@ruru_g :

Did you order the sim card online (www.o2-freikarte.de) or did you bought a starter-pack in a store?

Hi @ruru_g 

Any Update from your side? 

Were you able to active your prepaid simcard, or did you order a new one? 

Best Regards.


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