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[URGENT] Number portability from O2- without contract

I have a prepaid pack S, without any contract and I want to port my number from O2 to Lycamobile. It says I need to have a Porting Authorisation Code to do so. How do I get this code?


Lösung von Shreya 16 January 2021, 11:27

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Hello @Shreya ,


you won´t need a code, only the permission to export the number, the “opt-In”.

The Opt-In is not set, you can now request the import on the side of the new provider.

The Opt-In is set for the next 30 days. Please make sure, that there are enough funds available for the transfer.


Viele Grüße,


Thank you, my issue was solved and I don’t need to port my old number anymore. 

Hi @Shreya ,


thanks for the quick reply!

If you want to deactivate the card, please use this form:


Remaining funds will be transfered to the given bank account.


Have a nice weekend!

Viele Grüße,


Thank you. No I dont’t want to deactivate my sim. 

Hi @Shreya, okay, i am glad that you will stay at o2. :relaxed:

Since you won´t cancell the contract everything is clear.

Kind regards, Ines.

I want to port my number from O2 to other operator , how to get Porting Authorisation Code number ?

Hello @Tejpal , 

welcome to our community! 💐

You don´t need a code for the porting.

You can send us a porting statement via Mein o2. 

This can be also very helpful for you: 

If you have further questions, we are happy to help you. 😊


Best regards, 


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