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Trying to solve slow internet problems with Home S 50, but unhelpful customer service

We have been paying for the o2 Home S 50 tariff since March, and since the beginning our internet has been extremely slow or the connection fails every few minutes. In the early morning it sometimes pretty good, but by mid-morning through the afternoon it is around 2-3Mbit/s, and afternoon until late in the evening less than 300Kbit/s if it functions at all. There are always disconnections throughout. On the router OS it the connection strength is ok to poor (RSRP -100 to -120 dBm; RSRQ -15dBm) always. All of this despite the fact that when I checked my address before ordering the service it claimed the LTE and 5G reception was ‘good’ to ‘very good’. When I put my address in the ‘live check’ website - https://www.o2online.de/netz/netzstoerung/ - it claims 4 out of 5 for the LTE Netzabdeckung and 3 out of 5 for the 5G Netzabdeckung.
The speed is generally better if i put the SIM in my iphone7 (up to 20Mbit/s during the day and 3-4 in the evening), but it still will frequently disconnect.

Since the beginning I have visited the local O2 shop and been on the phone twice with customer service, all of whom either gaslight me or seem unwilling to diagnose and solve the problem.

First, they told me it was normal if it was a little slower in the evening, but they didn’t believe it was less than 1Mbit/s. 

Then they assured me there was problem with one of the towers in the area that would be resolved by May 13th, and that I could then make use of the 5G network with my router. This was false, nothing changed after May 13th. And my router (O2 Homespot 2 RTL0082VW) does not allow me to select 5G as the network connection.

They then told me the problem must be the SIM card, because the Router is new. I was given a new SIM card, but this made no difference.

They told me the problem must be the Router, and was given a new one. This made no difference.

They told me the problem must be that the towers in the area overloaded or have a technical problem, and they insisted that someone was definitely investigating and fixing the issue. However, this has been a problem since March with no change.

I asked for a 5G capable router, since it could be that the LTE network is overloaded, but the 5G one isn’t. They insisted that the coverage in my area didn’t warrant a 5G router, despite the fact that on the O2 livecheck website for my address it states that 5G coverage is ‘good’.

I would just like to get something resembling the service I have paid for. I would like to know whether the issue really is an overloaded infrastructure, and whether I can expect this to improve in the near future. I would like to know whether a different router or antennae would improve. The only other connection available to our building is 16Mbit/s DSL, but I am not sure i would trust O2 even with that connection.

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Hello @JMaxwell,

that reads like a true odyssee you already have travelled with router and SIM card exchanged and having no disturbance at your address which our technicians could repair, like a tower which is out of order.

I have checked and I am shown an overload of our LTE network and a limkited coverage with 5G inside of buildings.

Have you tried and is it possible to change the location of the router in your house or apartment?

Best Regards,


I have indeed tried different locations in the house, even out on the balcony, but that doesn’t make any difference.

I don’t know if there is a tower out or order or not, that is just what some employee told me in April.

I know there is an overload of the LTE network in my area and limit 5G coverage indoors. Please see my questions in the final paragraph of my original post. My question is whether i could try with the 5G router, because without testing i don’t know if it would work better (if the limited coverage is as bad as the overloaded lte in terms of the end result. I know there is a tradeoff, but perhaps it is worth it). I also would like to know if the overload in my area is something that can be resolved in the near future. I just would love more information than what is given. Surely somebody knows?

Hello @JMaxwell,

It is certainly very annoying that the mobile internet is overloaded at your address. Our network technology staff have already been informed about this. There seems to have been an improvement in the last two days, can you confirm this?

I suspect that you will also experience limitations there with the new 5G router, as the coverage should not actually be sufficient. Would you like to give us more feedback on this once you have put the new homespot into operation?

Best regards


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