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Translate website into English

Translate website into English
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In order to make it easier for all customers who do not speak German to get information, we have already set up an English forum in the o2 Community. In this forum, all people can formulate their concerns in English and also receive help from one of our employees in English. This makes it possible to clarify individual concerns in a very targeted way.

In order to provide the lowest possible threshold access to the most important information, we have had an ever-growing FAQ page with the most important information for mobile, prepaid and DSL customers for some time.
This page you can find here:


But sometimes the pages you need are not available in English. Or you would like to read a specific article here, but it is only available in German. I would like to show you a good way to have your web pages translated. This is an alternative that you can use for any website (some exceptions occur which are not translatable). It is not limited to the o2 community.

The following way is a little more complicated. However, it is still a good way to get information in addition to the English customer area or the English FAQ page (or any other webpage you’d like to translate).


I'm probably not telling you anything new by making a very big revelation here:
Google has a translator! :laughing:

Okay, the joke probably wasn't that funny.... Never mind!

But maybe some of you don't yet know the possibility to translate entire websites there. Some of you might roll your eyes and think "Wow, it's already 2021, Jessica. It's nice that you're here too.” But hey - I've practically never used the function and therefore didn't really have it on my radar. Maybe some people feel the same way!

So, let me introduce you to that feature.

All you need to do is open the Google Translator, which you can find here: Click here.

This view will certainly be very familiar to many. To be able to translate a web page, you only have to copy a corresponding link, paste it into the left field and select the language into which the page is to be translated on the right side. Here, for example, into English.


As an example, I have chosen a nice contribution from our digital living room in the o2 community. My colleague @o2_Katja asks the community what is blooming, flying and running in their gardens. However, the page and the entire report is in German. Perfect for testing the function! See the page here.

To translate the page into English you can copy the link and paste it into the left field of the translator. On the right-hand side, select "English" and a new link will appear. Click on this link and you will be redirected to a new page.


This is the same website, this time only in English translation.




With this way you now have a small possibility how it might be easier for some of you to get through all these German sites. Of course, we will continue to keep our eyes open for important topics that we can generally make available in English. Furthermore, you are always welcome to contact us and ask us your questions. :nerd:



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If you have further question or any comment about this topic and process you can visit our English o2 community and write a question! 


Latest Update: 05/2021

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