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Request to reactivate my number

  • 18 February 2024
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My O2 prepaid sim got deactivated yesterday because i didn’t recharge it for last 6 months.

Someone can please help me in reactivating it, so i can top up and continue using the services.




Lösung von anuj0070 25 February 2024, 21:13

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8 Antworten

Hi @anuj0070, welcome at our community.

It's good that you wrote to us so quickly. You can reactivate your number with a simple top-up. You can find information about top-up options on our online page. → Auflademöglichkeiten

Feel free to write to me here if everything worked out.

Kind regards, Ines.

I did a top up of 10 eur which is visible on my o2 app. But the network is still not there on my phone.

Can you please check

The same thing ahppened to me. My number was deactivated. Although I did a top up of 15 Euro Loop, its not active yet. @o2_Ines @anuj0070 

Hi @anuj0070, the topup was successful. You should now have internet again. Is everything good now? 😊

Kind regards Ines.

Hey, Thanks a lot guys works perfectly for me.


Just a feedback i tried reaching to inperson shops(2 of them) in berlin and they are spreading misinformation that i have to buy a new sim with a new number and my current won’t work.


Thanks again, best

@anuj0070 How did it work ? For me, although I did a top up it is not active again. 

Hello @anuj0070 🙂,

it is possible that the possibility of unblocking or reactivating prepaid cards is limited. In such cases, the only option is often to get a new SIM card. It always has to be checked individually.

Glad that everything is working for you again!💙

Best regards,

Hello @xj55dp 🙂,

Unfortunately, it is now too late to reactivate your prepaid card. It's a shame that you didn't respond to the warning text message.

Best regards,

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