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Please delete my O2 account and all data associated with it

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I had a pre-paid account with you, I have now moved countries, have cancelled my package and have my Abmeldung. So please delete my account in its totality. Including any data associated with it. 

Thank you 



Lösung von o2_Giulia 24 June 2024, 20:28

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Thanks @bielo but that’s not what I’m looking for. 

I want my account deleted in it’s totality. Including any data associated with it. 


Hi @DSlk, it´s nice that you write us here.
Your data will be automatically deleted after the statutory retention periods have expired. Since when did you stop using the contract or when did you unsubscribe?

Kind regards, Ines.


Hi @o2_Ines 

I stopped my auto payments a few months ago, and I cancelled/unsubscribed last month.


When does the statutory retention period expire?


I would like all data/information, including on here to be deleted asap please.





@o2_Ines Could you please actually check that all the cancellations etc went through properly? I've had so much trouble with o2... :(

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The periods are different depending on the type of data. Up to 10 years in some cases. For prepaid there is not much data to retain. Most data that has to be retained is blocked or anonymised after a short time so that only certain employees with the necessary access rights can access it. Any data not subject to a statutory retention period has to be deleted as soon as it is not required for the purpose for which it was collected.

The moderators can delete your forum account and will do so in the next few days.

Hello @DSlk,

your prepaid card has been cancelled, but there are still open questions. Our customer support have contacted you via E-Mail regarding your cancellation. Please contact them again if you have further questions.

Your customer data will be deleted automatically after termination within the legally prescribed time periods.

Do you also want your community account to be deleted?

Best regards


Hi @o2_Giulia








Yes please delete this account too 

Hello @DSlk

I will then delete your Community account as requested. 

You are welcome to continue reading here in the community 🤗 If you would like to post again, you can simply create a new account :) 

Best regards

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