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Once you bought a prepaid or pay monthly contract you get a SIM card with your personal PIN and PUK. Forgot your PIN or PUK? You have the chance to check them online. All you need is to be registered in Mein o2.

Displaying your PIN and PUK online

You can view your PIN and PUK by logging in to our online portal. From the menu on the left select “Mein o2” > “Tarif & SIM-Karte” > “SIM-Karte verwalten” > "PIN & PUK einsehen". Or follow the direct links:

→ PIN & PUK in Mein o2 (Postpaid)

→ PIN & PUK in Mein o2 (Prepaid)

In the menue you need to choose Tarif & SIM-Karte



Afterwards you need to switch to the administration of your sim card → SIM-Karte verwalten

Important information: The PIN shown, is the original PIN you received from us. If you have changed your PIN in the meantime, the PIN shown will not be the correct one. In this case use your PUK to change your PIN again. The following code ist typed directly in your calling app.

**05*[PUK]*[New PIN]*[New PIN]# 


PIN & PUK without Mein o2

You didnt register before, and now you are not able to see your PUK or PIN online in Mein o2? Please call our englisch speaking hotline:

We are sure our colleagues will help you.

Did everything work for you? We would appreciate it if you’d click “Gefällt mir”/ “Like”. You miss something? Leave a comment. :blue_heart: You have a question concering your own contract? Start a new topic and ask the community.

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2 Antworten

I can not access this part, so I understand I had to have the account here on the site using my mobile number. The problem is that I only came to deal with this after having problems with the pin and needing puk. I tried to register on the site using the mobile number and the site sent a password via sms, but since my phone is blocked I can not see this password and therefore I can not log in to find puk. Do you have any other way to get puk? I am not in Germany and it is likely that I will only come back next year, but I have in my hands the contract with o2 from when I acquired the chip. 😥
Hi @moeller1204,

you posted your question here. Please stay in one topic, thanks!

Kind regards, Jelena

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