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Contract/connection issues. No answers given

  • 7 November 2019
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Many problems. I place an order on 23.10 and I was given an connection date of 13.10. Then O2 cancelled my order and connection with no notice given and deactivated my online account.

O2 then reinstated by order with a connect date of 21.11 but NOW it has been pushed back to 29.11 with no reason given. I am struggling to get any explanation of what’s going on. I can’t use your Live-Chat, I get no response from the WhatsApp channel etc.  What is going on? Why is my connection date being pushed further back yet again? Will this happen again?

1 Antwort

Hi @Imelda 

Sorry for the late response. 

The local provider arranges the activation appointment, it is not possible to switch die 

activation to an earlier date, i am really sorry.

Best Matze  



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