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  • 19 September 2023
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Hello i was forced to leave Germany and now i need to cancel my contract. Can i have an answer of what can i do please!
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Dear @Hamzaa ,

welcome to our community. 🍄

We offer a form for a Contract Cancellation because of moving abroad.

Please fill out the form and send it to the address mentioned.

Kind regards,


Hello if I don’t have ade-registrationcertiifiicate from germany can i do something else.

I don’t have it because the LANDRATSAMT NORDSACHSEN tell me that they will do it for me but I don’t have a copy of my deregistration.

Hello @Hamzaa ,

that is one of the most important documents as it is the one that shows that you no longer have a home address here in Germany.


Kind regards, Sven

hello why i am paying up to 130 euros from 95,05 that is my regular!? is 35 euros more than usually.

And also can i do something to cansel my sim carts and to have just one from them?


I cant keep payin it if its going every month up the first price!! For more im paying extra tarif for a sim that i havent use the last 6 months that is not notmal!!

I need a solution


Hello @Hamzaa

increased costs can be caused by value-added services. 

If you have activated the itemized bill, the corresponding services are listed on the last page of the invoice. The exact connections are then shown on the itemized bill itself.

You can find further information on that here:

Third-Party Providers & value-added Services | O₂ Community (o2online.de)

Regarding the SIM cards: Are these multicards?

Best regards 

The cards are E-sim multi cards i want to deactivate 2 of them and continue with just one!

Hello @Hamzaa

you can deactivate the multicards yourself in Mein o2. To do this, go under "SIM verwalten" to "SIM auswählen" and click on "Gerät entfernen" for the corresponding multicard. 

If you have any further questions, please let us know :)

Best regards 

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