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DSL Connection not working after Activation Date



DSL Internet for my house was supposed to be activated today from 0800 - 1200 and as of 1600 it still isn’t working. The router is a Fritzbox 7590 and everything checks out with the router, but the DSL light just keeps blinking and blinking. The DSL cable is connected to the TAE correctly. I went through the Mein O2 app and the router is fine, the login is fine, and so it is probably an issue with the connection. Is it possible that the technician activated the TAE box wrong? Can this be fixed as soon as possible?


Through the app I created case number 900 040 960 146. 



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Internet still isnt working later today. I think there has been a problem with the activation.


Thank you for your immediate help.

Hello @Bucket2021 and welcome to our o2 community :-)

In man<y cases our o2 my Service App is able to run tests and give advice to fix connection issues. In some cases though it is necessary to contact our technical DSL departement.

As far as I can see that was a step you have already taken. Is your DSL connection now up and running as it should? :-)



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