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DSL router with Cable connection

Hi, today I ordered o2 Home M 100 (2023) (cable connetion) without the router. Everything went well and I have the installation appointment within next 10 days. But unfortunately, I made a mistake. I have a fritzbox 7490 router (DSL connection). Is there any way I can use this router for my new cable connection? My contract has not been started yet. Is it possible to switch to DSL connection now? Thanks in advance.

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The Fritzbox 7490 can not be used for cable/DOCSIS connections. It is only suitable for DSL connections with up to 100 Mbit/s. 

If you would prefer to order a DSL connection and this is available in the desired flat, you should cancel your order (German: Widerrufen mit dem Widerrufsformular). This is only possible if the contract was concluded online or by telephone (not possible when ordering in a local shop). 

Hello @Asif_22,

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I have just checked your orders and found that the cable connection has already been cancelled and a new DSL has been ordered for you.

If you have any questions regarding your activation pleas let us know.

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