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Please help to deactivate voice mail on my o2

  • 5 September 2011
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I would like to deactivate voice mail on my o2 germany.


Whenever I don't o2 signal or i am unreachable and some one calls me they gets money charges particularly International calls.


So I would like to deactivate all call divert and vioce mail such that if I am not getting signals or my phone is switched off or O2 service is not available the caller to my phone should not get charged.



I tried dialling 1760 but it say there is no connection to your phone. I also tried online customer care they say we are not able to find you number.


I am really tired of this issue, please help.


I have o2 mobile flat rate contract.


Thank you


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1 Antwort

I hope I can help you:

To deactivate your Mailbox you can use the code ##002#. Then any call divert will be deleted.

But callers now get the information that you are unreachable, and it costs them again some money.

To avoid any information and costs for your callers you have to contact the o2 service to deactivate the service: Abwesenheitsansage.