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Top-up options for Prepaid

  • 11 December 2015
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Top-up options for Prepaid
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Top-up options for prepaid credit

Concerning the validity of your credit: As soon as you have topped up your credit you can use it for the next 6 months. This period will be extended each time you top up your prepaid card with new credit.


Automatic top-up: direct debit mandate (SEPA)


To top-up your prepaid credit via direct debit you need to confirm your direct debit mandate. During the registration process you can get that form via Hotline, Online or in the o2 Shop. At the same time you can also enter your bank account data including your conformation of the direct debit mandate in your o2 App or in your Mein o2 area. 


How does the automatic top-up work? 

You have the following options: 

  • Monthly top-up: at a specific day of the month there will be a top-up with an amount X € which was determined by you
  • Threshold top-up: as soon as your credit is below 4,00 € there will be an automatic top-up from your bank account to your prepaid account with an amount which was determined by you
  • Pack-fee: after the expiration of your pack run time it will be charged from your bank account and will be forwarded to your prepaid account 
  • One-time SMS top-up: Send an SMS with “aufladen” to 5667 und there will be a direct debit from your bank account with the determined amount
  • Via the voice menue under the phone number 73737
  • Via SMS with “AUFLADEN” to 73737

The direct debit mandate (SEPA) and thus the automatic top-up can always be withdrawn. 



Top-up via App


With the o2 Prepaid App you can top-up your account directly over your smartphone or tablet. 

o2 offers an app for your devices with an operating system of iOS and Android: 



Top-up via voucher 


Voucher are the cards you can buy in shops which contain a credit amount. You can use the code to charge your credit. You can buy those voucher in o2 Shops and at o2 distributors.

This is how the entry of the voucher code works: 

  • Call with your mobile phone the service number 5667 (free of charge)
  • Choose 1 in the voice menue
  • Enter the recharge number, it contains 12 digits
  • End the input with the #-button

Alternatively you can also redeem your voucher by using the speed dial *103#. After being requested enter your recharge number with 12 digits. 


Important information

  • The tone dialing need to be turned on
  • The key tones need to be turned off 
  • While entering the recharge number there should not be more than 5 seconds



Top-up via bank transfer or standing order


That’s how it works: 

  1. Send a SMS without any content to the number 5 66 56 (free of charge) from your o2 Prepaid-Phone which you want to charge. Afterwards you’ll get a text message containing the bank details from o2 and your own personal reason for transfer.
  2. Choose the transfer date on your cash transfer.
  3. Enter your personal reason for transfer.
  4. Choose the amount (freely selectable).
  5. Hand in the assignment at your bank.

We will inform you via SMS as soon as o2 received the money and your prepaid account got charged. 

The implementation can last up to 5 working days.



Top-up via bank or post


That’s how it works: 

At the ATM

  1. Put your bank card or your EC-card into the ATM.
  2. Choose Handy aufladen - charge mobile phone. 
  3. Choose o2.
  4. Enter your mobile number of your o2 Prepaid Phone twice.
  5. Choose the desired top-up amount. 
  6. Wait for confirmation.

At the post office counter

Deposit the top-up amoun at the counter. 

The desired amount will be available immediately. You will receive a confirmation text message.


Express top-up

Direct top-up: Express 

With this service you can charge your prepaid account at seven days a week and 24 hours per day. You can set up an automatic charging (weekly or monthly). As payment option you can choose Paypal or credit cards. Further information and the terms and conditions (AGB) for the express charging hier: AGB Express Aufladung (PDF, 44 KB).




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