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Third-Party Providers & value-added Services

Third-Party Providers & value-added Services
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What are third-party providers?

A lot of companies offer additional services for mobile phones, such as ringtones, games, background pictures or chat-services. There are services that are charged only once and subscriptions with recurring costs.



What are third-party and premium services?

Both services are fee-based and can be obtained through third-party providers or from O2 directly. These can be classical mobile content, such as ringtones, apps, sms information services, games but also parking-tickets, stamps or download content like eBooks, music and films and so on. O2 will inform you when you order such content and acts as a payment mediator between you and the third-party provider.





How can I purchase such services?




  • You can order O2 ringtones, music, ebooks, apps, games, mobile-phones logos, backgrounds and sms information services in our «Apps and Entertainment Shop». The shop is also available in a mobile version.

You will always have to confirm the order, which prevents unintentional purchases. We call this «handshake-procedure».

You can see the purchases you made in the O2 shop via «Apps and Entertainment» - «Meine Downloads»




  • Various online shops offer pay by mobile as a payment method - the amount and the provider will be stated on your next O2 bill. You can find all informations about providers, their security standards, FAQ and exemplary bill via «Bezahlen per Handyrechnung».
  • You can also make a mobile money transfer by texting or making a call from your mobile phone - e.g. for parking-tickets. The third-party provider indicates a number where you can send your license plate number via sms. The «handshake-procedure» does not apply in this case since the purchase is verified by your mobile number, even if you activated the number suppression.




Where can I find charges for premium and value-added services in my bill?

Some value-added services will be shown as gross amounts others as net amounts. You will find each charge accordingly in your itemized bill:



  • Gross amounts can be found at Bruttoleistungen (anderer Anbieter). These are normally digital or hard goods you purchased by mobile money transfer:




  • Net amounts can be found at Mehrwertdienste - these are purchases from our O2 «Apps and Entertainment Shop».
  • Premium services like sms, mms and calls to premium rate numbers (e.g. directory assistance) will also be shown as net amount. These numbers are marked with (S) for «Sonderrufnummer» in your itemized bill.

The name of the third-party provider will always be given and you can find contact details in the grey box at the end of the itemized bill:






You can find the itemized bill in your account under «Rechnungsdownload» or you can order an itemized bill via Einzelverbindungsnachweis.





I didn't use this service or have additional questions. Whom should I approach?

Please contact the third-party provider directly, since O2 does not have any additional information about external services. You can find the contact details at the end of the itemized bill.


Latest Update: 01/2021



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