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problem with payment while buying iphone 14 pro max

I have ordered an iPhone 14 pro Mac with 24 month contract today. I have received an email from o2 to adjust my contract and to pay 185,99 EUR as advance. However I cannot open the link that leads to the page to select the advance payment method. It is start with https://permissions.o2online.de/angebot/. Let me know how I can complete this order and get the phone as soon as possible. 


Lösung von schluej 3 October 2022, 16:12

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the link works… Turn off ad-blocker.


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Dear @Alpha Mary Skaria ,

welcome to our communty. 💨

Did the answer of @schluej help you? Thanks a lot for it.

Were you able to pay the deposit?

Kind regards,


Dear @o2_Andrea,

yes, I did my payment. Thanks for the help and quick response.


with regards, 


Hallo @Alpha Mary Skaria,

I am glad that you could already be helped with your request. If you like, please let us know when you have received the smartphone and how you like it 😊

Best regards


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